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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I am so tired of the politics that happen with women. So tired. I dont understand why everything has to be such a flipping production. I am actually glad that women are not the leaders of the free world because I think we would spend WAY too long arguing with eachother and not accomplishing anything.
the thing is that every little comment and nuance is examined and over examined and hardly anyone takes anything at face value...or just what it is, and offhanded comment.
Like really, who the heck cares about whatever it is that you do..personally, professionally, with your kids, with your pets, your political views, etc. Why can't we just share information and get on with it.
I just hate having to justify myself over and over and over.
I am just feeling like I am bashing my head on a wall over and over, and am so grumpy....maybe it's just the pregnancy.


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