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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Worst Halloween Ever.

I am a total Halloween nut, have been that way for years.
So I spent a ridiculous amount of money on Keenan's halloweem costume. The thing is that I had G and she was miserable, which made me miserable, which made Keenan miserable.
So we have decide to take a break, because G is not ready. It will suck as we need the money, but it is what is in everyones best interest. And, I wouldnt be much of an AP parent if I ignored everyones needs for the sake of monetary gain.
Anywho, because G cried so much K didnt have a nap and so he was comatose for the party. Like dead to the world toast. It was crazy. So I was a little disapointed.
But, that is what happens when you put so much stock in a holiday. My expectations were just way tooo high.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

That mean mom

Okay, I might have been a bit of a "you know what" today.
Keenan and I walked 20mins to a park that is more toddler friendly, smaller equipment and lower slides. We stayed for quite a while. We were there later than ususal because he had gotten up so early so therefore had a way earlier nap. So mom's come to the park around 3:30pm, I know one of them and start talking. 2 other mom's show up.
It turns out that the elementary school bus drops kids off right next to this park, so the mom's get together and chat and wait for thier older kids to come off the bus.
So Keenan is playing happily with the younger kids.
Then the bus pulls up. 5 or 6 kids get off and come right to the park. They start throwing rocks and rough housing. They start to climb on equipment that is not meant to be climbed on. (oldest maybe 11yrs old). Anyway they are all modeling behaviour that I dont want Keenan to witness.
The mom's do nothing. They just keep talking. Chaos is alround Keenan and he is taking it all in in wide eyed wonder.
One child is throwing gravel in the air and it is hitting all of the children (he is around 7ish). The gravel hits Keenan, and I say to the boy, " We do not throw gravel at babies ". He looks at me like "WTF? Who are you to tell me anything?".
So I decide to remove Keenan from the situation.
I walk over to the mom's and say, " It was nice meeting you ladies, but I am going to have to take Keenan home as the older children are modeling bad, bad, bad dangerous behaviour that I don't want Keenan learning."
The mom I know says, " Oh, that's my son, sorry " I say, " It's all the older children, not just yours."
I was kind of irritated because it is a toddler park and those kids should have gone somewhere else.
What have I become, that mean mom?
My girlfriend with a 4yr old said that I can't shelter Keenan forever and he will witness worse stuff than climbing on eqipment and throwing gravel. I know, but I can lessen the impact, can't I?
Or am I just blowing it out of proportion?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Urgent Care?!?!

I sat for 5 1/2 hours today at the South Community Health Centre,
Urgent care Clinic. I use the word "urgent" fasciciously.
I decided to go there as Chris came home and did an assessment on me
and said that he would have spine boarded me in a second. So I went to
get Xrays.
The Dr. said that I may have cracked a vertibrea, but
because it was so localized they couldnt do anything, anyways.
So just ice it, take advil and rest. Don't do anything strenuous (like
pick up and carry a 20lbs 17month old? ).
So I have made an appointment with Chris' paramedic instuctor who
happens to be a chiropractor. The dr did say that I couldnt see a
chiro or physio or massage for two weeks. I have to let it heal.
Well, I am happy that it's not super serious. 5.5 hrs is a long time
to be in a waiting room.
On another note, 3 children with seal barking coughs came in, if the "majority" of
kids are vaccinated why was it so prevalent today?

Sunday, October 15, 2006


At around 10:30pm last night I fell down my stairs. I have no idea how I ended up doing it, as I was even wearing grippy socks. I was on the phone to Chris and he ironically was at work, and bam! down I went!
The edge of the stair hit the middle of my back hard enough that I actually winded myself. I thought I had really hurt myself, like hospital hurt. My sister was staying with me so she ran down the stairs to find me in the fetal position, not being able to talk.
She started talking to Chris who tried to get her to assess me while on the phone.
I was really happy that she was here, lucky. I was alos lucky that I can still move my legs, and did not paralize myself. What if I had, I wouldn't be the best mom I could be, but I would try.
I was really lucky that I had not fallen while holding Keenan. Super Lucky.
Hold on to your handrails.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

First Day with G

Keenan's new girlfriend came today for the first full day of me watching her. It actually went really well. I was suprised. I thought that they would both be crying for the whole day.
Granted I am tired. Watching two kids under two is the hardest job I have ever had.
It went well though, really. G came in the morning, we had breaky. Then we had a meltdown, to the park we went.
I don't know what it is, but something about getting out of the house makes kids more manegable. Also it keeps your sanity. G almost feel asleep in the swing at the park so we came back home, much to K's dismay. Picture him crying pitifully, "vrooom, vroooom" I have no idea what car he is talking about, but apparently we were not going any where near it.
I brought the swing out of storage and put G in it. She fell asleep almost immideatley. No crying. Then K started rubbing his eyes. They both slept for over an hour.
The only issue I have with that is now it is almost 5 and K is wired. And he would regularly be napping, so no "me" time today, which sucks because I have been "on call" for almost 12hrs. K woke up super early today.
Otherwise the day was uneventful. It reallyu went well, and it will only get better as the two of them get used to eachother.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Expectaions and Shae

One of my best girlfriends is visiting form Nelson with her daughter Shae. We all went to the zoo. Just before we got there Shae got sick in the car. Oh what fun I get to look forward to. I felt sorry for her as she was so upset about it. No big deal to me...except my car stinks. Isn't that wahat Fabreez is for? (Any natural cleaners that do the same thing?)
She had never been to a zoo so it was great fun for her. We then came home to put Keenan down for his nap, and we went to the park. I pushed her on the swing (underduck) and she went flying off!! I felt soooo unbelievably bad. I am definately NOT a good pusher. (I forgot how little she is I am swing shy.) They are here for a couple more days so hopefully I get to see them some more.
And how is Keenan?
For the last TWO nights Keenan has NOT nursed to sleep!!!!! (His
choice entirely). I lie there patiently waiting for him to latch on,
and he doesn't. Is this the milestone that he was working on?
As for bedtime (reading "no cry") , Ms. Pantly says
make sure that you are trying to fix a problem. After reading the
book, he really has no problems, it is my expectaions that are the
So now, I wait until he is really tired (happens to be 9:30pm and I
turn off the lights, he plays or talks, sings whatever and then he
passes 30-45mins.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A poem

I wrote this a while ago while I was feeling sappy.

My Son for Keenan August 7, 2006

Everyday you are growing,
and yet you stay so small.
Sometimes I feel as though time and space,
mean nothing at all.
Everyday you are growing,
and yet a baby to me,
it's hard to believe that each day,
my love grows exponentially!
Everyday you are growing.
My love makes you grow strong,
one day I will wake up and you will be grown up and gone.
I am happy to see you grow up,
to witness it first hand.
But sometimes I wish you would slow down,
and help me saty on dryland.
Because everyday it feels as though I am lost at sea,
the world is moving so fast,
but luckily, your love grounds and comforts me.
Everyday you are growing
and one day it will be nice to see,
What type of kind man and father you will become,
because of me!
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