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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Extentions and Birthdays

Well I finally applied for my extention in my psych class. I was procrastinating applying for one because I was sure that I could finish it in the alloted time. And I am still sure that I could. It's the final exam that I am worried about. It is 65% of my final grade and all short answer. I am not really good at short answer and so far all the tests for this class have been open book. So I am really not prepared to write a exam in such a short time. I think I will finish this class by May.
Speaking of May, there is a certain special boy celebrating his first birthday on May 11th, and we are going to have one big party for him. I am not sure if I am going to order or bake a cake and I really have to get the house ready. Like finish unpacking already! I can't believe that Keenan is going to be one! It's so crazy! I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that our lives would be changed so much in just one year. We dont really need many toys for Keenan, well we dont really need anything for him.
Thats the problem with parties. People will think that I am only inviting them for the booty that they bring. But in actuality I dont care about getting gifts, I would rather not infact. Alot of friends bought us Christmas gifts this year when we were not in the financial situation to reciprocate. And it just makes me feel like a bad friend. So we really arnt wanting any house warming gifts or presents for mr.K and if people really want to then they could give us cash for Keenans RESP. Because tuition is supposed to be like $75,000 for a degree in 20yrs. AHHHHH

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Meeting People and Dogs (rant)

We went out for dinner yesterday to Chris' friends house. And boy was it a nice house! The wife is a hygenist and she is the breadwinner (only one income) and that house was $450,000 and they are our age, with two kids! I have to say that I was a little jelous when I first walked in. But I also have to say that I am very contented in the lifestyle that I lead. And I enjoy being at home with my son. Her two kids couldn't say that mom was most focused on them because she was at work all the time providing for the family. And hey, it is whatever works for your family. I am sure Chris would like to be a stay at home dad as well. The thing is that I would have never gotten pregnant if I knew that I was unable to stay home. It just wouldnt have happened.
Chris is certainly getting on my case more and more. He really wants a dog or fish. What he really wants is to spend money on something that I will end up having to take care of. And no, I dont clean the litter of my cats because honestly, I forget it even exists, I am way too busy looking after Keenan to care about stinky cat litter. Here is the reasons I dont want a dog:
1) they smell. They have the worst breath ever and are always breathing on you.
2)they lick kids faces. Soooo gross. I cant stand this, I think any animal licking you is gross.
3)the whole walking thing. I can just see it now. we have our 2nd kid who has finally fallen asleep and I have to wake her/him up and get them all dressed in winters finest to take the dog out for a pee in minus 30 because we dont have a backyard and I am the only one home because Chris is on shift at Nakoda.
4)loss of Freedom. I have already lost most of my freedom from having Keenan, I dont need to lose more and not be able to spend the weekend at my moms when chris is out of town because I have to take the dog out for a walk...3 times a day.
5)barking. Irritation. oh the baby is asleep and someone just walked past our house? No keep barking kids dont need naps.
I think thats all. Chris says that I am selfish and that I always ruin his fun. So annoying.
Why would I take something on that would just make have to do more work? We alreasy have 2 cats, which can be really annoying at times and sometimes I wish that I had never gotten them. Not saying that I am not attached jus tsaying that the amount of work, feeding vacumming up tonnes of hair, can get tiresome and I really dont need it, especially if I am choosing to have 3 to 4 kids.
Getting off my soapbox now.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Moms

I met a mom to be today, she was the hygenist cleaning my teeth, and we got to talking about parenting and different schools of thought. I told her that she should read Birthing From Within and that she should read at least the first couple chapters of the Baby Book by Dr.Sears before she has her baby. I told her that I am of the attachment parenting kind and I told her what types of things I do that places me into that category. Sometimes I feel like I should just keep my ideas to myself because I am afraid that I will sound preachy. Like I am an AP parent and you aren't. I feel like the way I parent is the RIGHT educated way, but then, I am sure that all parents feel like they are parenting the right way, even when they do Cry It Out. So what right do I have in placing my views on anyone else? And how do I let people know that there is another way of parenting out there without comming across as a know it all?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sorry and Stars and Strollers

Okay maybe I went a little overboard on my last post. And maybe I was fuled by a disagreement with my husband that we had earlier in the day. And no I shouldn't be airing out all my dirty laundry on a blog in my MSNspace, but that is what they are for right? So I apologize to all of you who had to read my rant.
So if a blog is not to rant about your personal life, relationships etc. what are they there for? Pointless quips and qualms? Chris started a "real" blog because he found one by one of his really good friends from highschool. I went to her site and saw that she has a child about 2yrs old named Nathan, and she is pregnant again. So that is good to see that people my age are having children and it's not just me and my friend L taking on the world.
I went with this friend to Stars and Strollers the other day (for those of you w/out kids > Stars and Strollers is a baby friendly showing time for movies at Cineplex and Famous Players. You get to bring your baby with you). I have never seen so many babies in one room! It was rather odd. Every seat had a baby around 2 - 5mos old. The funny thing is that they wernt really fussy, it was a really good experiance.
Sometimes, just between me and you, I feel like I would like to have aspects of my old life back. Just for a fleeting moment. Like an uninterupted bath or massage. Or a night out with the girls to Outlaws until 3 in the morning. But I have to come back to reality and remember tha tI chose to be an AP parent and you just have to sacrifice for the emotional and psychological well being of your child.
As Chris would say, Suck it up princess.


This is an email that I sent out to my playgroup this afternoon. I think it speaks for itself.

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to clarify something that I said today. I said that I was looking for a replacement group for when all you beautiful working mama’s go back to work. I did not actually mean “replacement” as I could never replace all the friendships that I have made with this group. It means so much to me that we are all able to come together as a community on Fridays and share with such comfortable ease our trails and tribulations as parents. I am just mourning the fact that things will change very soon, as the older babies are all turning one in a matter of months and mat leaves are expiring. So I am sorry if I lead you to believe that you are easily replaced. This has been a great year, and has worked wonders for my well being.

Much Love


Sunday, March 12, 2006

At My Moms

So, when Chris goes to work for his 48hrs I usually don't like to stay home alone so I get my parents to come and pick me up and I spend 2 days at their house. It's good for the both of us because we can see eachother and catch up for the week. This time it sucks though because my parents have gone to a curling thingy for my dad's company and they are gone all day. so I am alone at thier house instead, which is kinda ridiculous. Plus, there is no "easy" food to make because my mom makes everything from scratch. So I am hungry and I have no idea what to make for lunch or dinner. I was supposed to meet up with Alex and Bree today for coffee and totally forgot because I was more interested in what my mom was doing. Not that I could have gone anyway because I have no child care for my boy. Irritating.
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