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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Listening ...or not.

I am on a journey at the moment. Since I am taking a break from School, and from Volunteering I have a little more time for myself as of late. I am working on relationships, with my family, my friends and even my dog!
At the moment my biggest parenting issue is that my older child (4) doesnt listen to me. He can hear me, he just chooses not to follow instruction.
I have to say that it is the most incredibly frustrating thing that he does. I understand that I dont want him to everything that people ask him to do, as questioning a persons motives is always nice when being asked a favour...but I am asking him to stay in a bathroom stall while my pants are down around my ankles and the other child is being wrestled away from the Tampon Disposal....yuck! But no, instead of heeding his mothers warnings and requests and threats, this 4 year old disappears under the door, and races to the entrance of the building so that he can then press the handicap button. SOOOO frustrating, not to mention unsafe.
I have asked for many many different opinions, and have tried pretty much all of them, save spanking....I honestly dont think that one would work either. (not that it is even an option for me), I am just at my wits end and felt I had to rant about least that way I feel like I am actually doing something.!


Kelly said...

Judith does the same thing, crawling under the bathroom door! So frustrating, not to mention kind of gross. I have to admit, I have tried spanking her (not in public of course, just after some severe deliberate disobedience at home), twice, but it had absolutely no effect. I totally regret doing it and feel awful.

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