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Sunday, February 23, 2014

R is for Robot

As a part of getting my blog back to where I want it to be, I will be showcasing some of the homeschooling that we do every week. I will be linking to relevant blog posts and activity sites to help new homeschoolers get some ideas and inspire them for their own schooling at home.

Last week we learned all about the Letter R.

First we started out with a whole bunch of videos on YoTube with our favourite being the one by the StoryBots. These videos are so great and they have one for each letter of the alphabet. I will be getting the kids to watch more of them for sure!

We raided the tool box and made robots out of tin cans and screws. A glue gun is an absolute must for a project like this! The kids also looked through our letter bucket and found the letters that they needed to put the word Robot on the front of their creations. We touched on how recycling, and reusing also start with the letter R and how important they are for keeping our planet green!

Once they had made their creations they were inspired to play with their robot puzzle game that teaches numbers so we were able to sneak a little math into the project as well!

They continued their robot exploration by using this great magnetic robot kit and working collaboratively to build many different robots on the fridge. I loved watching how creative they were!

We read some books on Robots; Robomop was their favourite. We of course practiced writing the letter R on many different worksheets and books. (this was not their favourite part of the unit...)

The kids happened to get a Cogsley for Christmas and he was really put into use for this unit. The kids have a lot of fun turning all of his gears and knobs. He does have 6 learning objectives, but my kids love the dancing mode the best. I was just happy that I had an extra robot themed item already in my schoolroom!!

To finish off our unit on Robots and the letter R we watched the movie Robots for our family movie night.

This was just a handful of all the different things that we could have done this week using this theme. I could have done it for another week!! (and watched Wall-E as well.)

Many of the ideas that I got this week came from my Pinterest board on the letter R make sure you check that out as it will get updated as I scan the web for more ideas with future letters!!

Next week we will be continuing our learning with R as we showcase some of our work with Rainbows which touches the learning objectives for the colours for grade 1.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

A New Year - A New Direction

If you have been a long time follower of my blog you will notice that I get into a really great groove, and then I get pregnant and it slows down. Then I have an infant and it basically grinds to a halt.

I feel so guilty about this!

I really do enjoy blogging so I have decided to take it back to why I started this blog. To share what I am doing and enjoying to mostly keep a record for *me* but if it helps people along the way then that is great too!!

So, I am going to break my posts up into super easy tags so that it is more streamlined and so that if I only have a moment to write something - I know exactly what I am going to write about! :)

Homeschooling is pretty much my biggest topic, and with teaching 3 at home now, it is pretty much my number one time commitment. This will most likely be split into two sub-groups Homeschooling Elementary and Homeschooling Preschool.

Vegetarian and Vegan Foods for the ever growing family.

Attachment/Intuitive Parenting / Self Discovery because I am constantly growing as a mother and a person.

Halloween / Holidays because that is just FUN!!!

And Baby Stuff because I have a little girl who gets to have some of blog to herself.

So now that I have written it all down - I best be getting started!!

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