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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Still waiting for our house to finish. Not doing much just spending time with the boy. We go to yoga every friday and playgroup right after. Then starting Nov 7 we will be doing swimming every monday morning, We went for coffee with Lindsay who we met at LLL and that was fun, will be going to another meeting on the first monday of next month.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Keenan is developing great. He reaches out to grab things, plays with his feet, rolls over and eats rice cereal. He is becomming a big boy! I can't believe that he is going to be 5months old on Tuesday! No longer a little baby! We have established a routine and he sticks to it pretty well. Up at 1030am nap at 1130-1200 another big nap from 2-4pm then nap at 7-730pm and then bed at 10pm.
We went swimming for the first time yesterday and Keenan loved it so much that I have putt him in lessons! He was laughing and kicking! We had so much fun.
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