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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Back From Texas

So I am back, finally. Have been back for a couple days, but was trying to get back in the groove. Keenan was sick on the flight there and back (with a temp.) but he seems fine now. He just isnt eating soild foods, but that should remedy itself sooner than later. Really enjoyed San Antonio, if it wasnt the states I would move there. They have this beautiful canal system, just like Venice, where you walk around downtown next to the river. You can also take a boat taxi ride to anywhere on the river (the mall, resturants etc.) We wanted to do more sightseeing than we did but the weather was not cooperating. It was about -10, I know, alot warmer than here, so I am not complaining. We saw the Alamo, and some museums an old mill and a mexican market. When we came back we were delayed 8hrs because of the fog in Dallas, but we did get first class because of it. So in all it was a good trip.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Going To Texas

So my dad suprised me and bought me a ticket to go to Texas on vacation with them. I am a little aprehensive as I have never been to the states and this will be my first time flying with an infant. I am not sure if I should bring his car seat or not. I am excited though and it should prove to be alot of fun. The flight is the only thing I am worried about.
I am not sure what I am going to do with Keenan for 4 hrs and no in flight movie. I guess I should bring alot of stuff for him to do. I wish that he would just sleep and maybe I could read.
They say that public breastfeeding is not a big thing in Texas so my parents say that I have to cover uo. Are they THAT conservative? The good thing is that Keenan rarely breastfeeds during the day so it probably wont be that big of an issue.
Well, I shall keep you posted on what happens there, boy will I ever miss my email! I am totally addicted to it!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Crying it out

I went to playgroup today and listened to all the mom's talk about how great the Cry it out method is. For those of you who arn't's when you put your baby to sleep in the crib and let them cry until they fall asleep while you wait outside the door, gut wrenching until they stop. I personally don't agree with it. Especially under 6 months of age. In psychological terms it's called extinction, ignoring a behavior until it disapears. Chris says that I can't judge other moms, and he is right, just because they do something I don't agree with doesn't make them bad parents. It's just so frustrating that this procedure actually works. I do the No Cry Sleep Solution where I am shaping the behvior that I want to change, gradually so Keenan doesn't cry. It's working for us, and I bet those other mothers must think that I am a softy. Which I am.
It's so funny how in everything you are either one extreme or the other. Cry it out or No cry (at all). Co-sleep or Crib. Attachment parent or not. And that is another thing, if asked all parents would say that they are fostering attachment with thier child, even if they don't follow "all the B's" of attachment parenting. I am afraid to tell people that I am an attachment parent because I am scared that they will think that I am saying that they arn't. For those of you interested in attachment parenting, google Dr. Sears.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Heritage O's

Keenan is growing up so fast!! I wish that it would fly by like it is. He is such a big boy, eating cheerios...well not cheerios, Heritage O's which are organic. He has been eating more solids and less breastmilk, which makes me sad because I love nursing. It's that special time just for me and him. But, he has to grow up and I will always be there, just watching it happen.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Finding New Friends

We are just getting settled in our new house in MT and looking for other mom's with babies around Keenan's age. There is this website that is set up for finding people but it seems like no one uses it so I may post something in the grocery store. Not that I really need another playgroup but it would be noce not having to leave the community. Ah the subburbs.
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