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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mom I am!

Mom I Am
Written by the posters on the Mom's Online Breastfeeding Board

Little ones can squirm and pout,
make a fuss and scream and shout.
When hunger hits without a doubt,
Sit right down and whip it out.

I would nurse her if she cried,
I could nurse her far and wide,
Here and there or anywhere,
Up or down or on a chair.
I could nurse a teddy bear,
For this fine milk is very rare!!!

Would you nurse him on a train?
Would you nurse him on a plane?
Would you nurse him in a car?
Would you nurse him in a bar?

Yes, on a train, yes on a plane.
Yes, in a car, yes in a bar.
I would nurse him here or there.
I would nurse him anywhere!

I would nurse him in a booth,
On the stairs or near the roof.
Anywhere my boy cries out,
I pop the nummies in his mouth.

I can serve it by the ounce,
I can serve it while I bounce.
In a bottle or in a jar,
I can serve from near or far.

Would you, could you nurse in church?
Would you on a shaky perch?
Would you, could you, in the stands?
Could you nurse him with no hands?

I would, I could nurse in church,
Even on a shaky perch.
In the stands, with no hands,
I'll nurse my baby on demand.

Would you nurse him at the store?
Would you nurse him on the floor?
Would you nurse him on a ship?
Careful not to show your nip!
Would you nurse him while on skis?
Would you nurse her on your knees?
Would you nurse him in a tree?
Mommy milk is SO GOOD, you see.

Would you nurse him by the stream?
You could nurse him while you dream.
Can you nurse and clean the house?
Can you nurse and chase a mouse?
Can you nurse and cook a meal?
Mommy's milk is the real deal!

Would you nurse him while you sleep?
How about while you sweep?
Could you nurse him in a sling?
Would you, could you, while you sing?
How about upon a swing?
Mother's milk is just the thing!

Would you nurse her at the park?
Would you nurse him in the dark?
Would you nurse him with a Boppy?
And when your boobs are feeling floppy?

I would nurse him in the park,
I would nurse her in the dark.
I'd nurse with or without a Boppy.
Floppy boobs will never stop me.

Can you nurse with your seatbelt on?
Can you nurse from dusk till dawn?
Though she may pinch me, bite me, pull,
I will nurse her 'till she's full!

Can you nurse and make some soup?
Can you nurse and feed the group?
It makes her healthy strong and smart,
Mommy's milk is the best start!

Would you nurse him at the game?
Would you nurse her in the rain?
In front of those who dare complain?

I would nurse him at the game.
I would nurse her in the rain.
As for those who protest lactation,
I have a perfect explanation.
Mommy milk is tailor made
It's perfect food, you need no aid..

Some may scoff and some may wriggle,
Avert their eyes or even giggle.
To those who can be cruel and rude,
Remind them breast's the perfect food!

I would never scoff or giggle,
Roll my eyes or even wiggle!
I would not be so crass or crude,
I KNOW that milk's the perfect food!

We make the right amount we need,
The perfect temp for every feed.
There's no compare to milk from breast---
The perfect food, above the rest.

Those nursing smiles are oh so sweet,
Mommy milk is such a treat.
Human milk just can't be beat.

I will nurse, in any case,
On the street or in your face.
I will not let my baby cry,
I'll meet her needs, I'll always try.
It's not about what's good for you,
It's best for babies, through and through.

I will nurse her in my home,
I will nurse her when I roam.
Leave me be lads, leave me be ma'am.
I will nurse her, mom I am.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Here comes another BOY!

We had our ultrasound on wednesday and we are expecting the pitter patter of more little boy feet!
A lot of my friends have asked me how I feel about having another boy, and I can honestly say that I am indifferent. When I found out that Keenan was a boy I was scared. I had no idea what to do with a boy, and more particularly, the penis. I have two brothers and the older one was a really fussy baby. All my memories from my childhood have to do with him and crying.
I was so scared that Keenan would be like that.
Now that I have been the mom of a son for 2 yrs, I am completely prepared to have another one.
I do still want to have that daughter, but I am still young and have loads of childbearing years left to go. (especially when people are waiting until they are in their 40's to have kids).

Friday, July 27, 2007

Fall from Grace

I have learned alot these last few weeks/days. Things about myself, things about my friends, things about my peers, things about communities that I hold dear.
A couple weeks ago a friend of mine was treated very badly. To me the situation did not feel like it was rectified in a just or timely manner. Of course it was bogged down in office politics. I felt that it was my duty as a friend to step in and protect her character.
I am not the type of person that pussy foots, or plays office politics so I came right out and said what exactly had happened. Of course those playing the game were pissed, and when I tried to show them why I did what I did, I was shot down.
A shit disturber. A common gossip. I didn't really expect much else. (well I actually did, but now in hindsight I am not sure why).
The reason why all of this affected me so much is that I am an idealist. I really thought that the group of women that I converse and call my peers were better than highschoolers. I thought that as we grow older we are more compassionate, we have more knowledge, more integrity. I now know that is not the case.
No matter what group you belong to women are still that women. Catty, bitchy, and all that.
I had placed my Attachment Parenting counterparts on a somewhat higher level than all other women. That they would never treat another in their group with disrespect or callousness. I was shown that I was wrong, not once but time and time again.
I really learned from this. I learned not to be so idealistic. I learned not to place such high expectations on other women. I learned that people just want to believe what they believe regardless of the facts. (and this is why politics move so slowly as the Shit Disturber is the one who gets shot).
I have realized that I have placed too much time and effort into a group of people that I thought were just like me. Same morals, same values, same need for justice...I was really wrong. Just because these moms don't CIO and respond to their children's needs doesn't mean that they are like me.
I honestly think that few are. It's sad really. I feel alone alot. That I care so much about people and our human race and I get jilted again and again. Makes it hard to want to help. Just makes me feel like moving to an island somewhere with my family and letting the rest of the world to go to shit. (like it will anyway).
I do have wonderful friends from my AP community, and not all of the women need to be painted with the same brush, I am just feeling disenchanted with the world.
If my friends read this I want to thank them again for all of the unspoken/spoken support they have offered me. If not for them I would just move away and wash my hands of all the drama and bullshit...and most of all the hypocrisies.
I mean really, call me names...but really once you do that you are just being a shit disterber, a common gossip, a hypocrite.
ps. I know this is the most colourful language I have ever used on my blog, but this is my journal, and I am just writing what I feel. From the deepest part of my head and heart. Those who know me, know that I must be mad if I am swearing. lol

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Walk in my shoes says Paramedic.

This is re printed without permission from the Health Sciences Association of Alberta newsletter, written by a paramedic who is responding to the backlash from the pubic regarding the City of Calgary EMS (surrounding areas) impending strike. (Please SUPPORT your local EMS).

I thought that it would be good for all of you to see what Paramedics/ EMS workers (like my husband) have to deal with while being paid $27> on average an hour.

I am writing to express my disappointment in an editorial that I read in my local newspaper. The article complained that the paramedics in Flagstaff county should not strike and seemed to suggest that neither should they be unionized. This opinion is borne of a deep ignorance of the nature of paramedicine in this province. After convocating from university with a B.Sc., I spent another five years of studying day and night, sleeping on stretchers and working for a little as $50 per 24 hour day to become a paramedic. This is not the two week first aid course that the public assumes that it is!

The editorial questioned our "dedication and commitment". Everyday I show up to work and make less money than the high-school student pouring coffee at Tim's. This is a demonstration of my commitment. When you've had to intubate a newborn baby, pronounce someone's grandmother dead, or choose who lives and who dies because there are not enough resources to deal with the mess on our highways, then you and I can have an informed discussion about my commitment.

You say that we should not be an essential service and be denied our right to strike. You don't realize that we've already been denied the rights and legislated labour standards afforded every other profession in this province. We work shifts ranging from 24 to 96 hours in length sometimes with no breaks at all. When I show up at your house and have to make a decision about how best to keep you breathing when I haven't slept for 50 hours and haven't eaten for 18 hours, then maybe you'll have second thoughts about denying me my right to fight for decent working conditions.

Finally, the editorial says that paramedics have no need to strike. If we are not happy where we are, then we should just pack up and go somewhere else where the pay and conditions are better. Be careful what you wish for! There are only about 800 practicing paramedics in Alberta. Many services are cutting back to basic life support [no drugs/painkillers] because of paramedic shortages and it's only going to get worse. The whole country is starting to demand paramedics educated at the Alberta standard and if Alberta doesn't remain competitive our paramedics will leave. Who are you going to call then?

Trystan Donnelly
Registered Emergency Paramedic

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Melts my Heart

Here is a nice story for you all.

Today was a difficult day for me, as Keenan was up really early (for
me) and it was a long day. (no nap)

It seemed as the day got later and later he was just pushing all my
buttons (except I really shouldn't have been doing laundry when he is

So I finally get him to go down at 10:15pm, and was getting annoyed
with him that he would not stay laying down, that he would just keep
talking, and singing.

I kept telling him, "head on your pillow Keenan. It is bedtime,
goodnight Keenan." I was feeling really exasperated. (and SUPER hungry).

Keenan then proceeded to put his head on my chest and said "mommy best

I said, "mommy is your best friend?"

He said, "uh huh. mommy best friend."

My heart melted. I said "you are my best friend too." I then didnt
care how long it took him to fall asleep, as I was content just to
hold my little guy for as long as he needed.

I love when they give you a reality check.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Passing Judgement

I was reading a friend of mines blog and the comments on her latest post really bothered me. Not that I actually care what this anonymous person thinks, but the fact that someone actually took the time to put my friend down.

Of course it was a comment on AP, and how she must know everything...but I think, maybe she does? Is it so wrong for a parent, any parent to be truly informed when making decisions for their child. It is not like we are only care takers of children, these small people will one day become mothers and fathers themselves and the way we treat them is the way that they will treat the world when they grow and leave our nests.

I know that I personally would want my son to know that I will always come when he needs me. Regardless of age or time or place. And that way he will always be there for his wife and his children. He won't feel the empty void that so many people feel because of the way they were parented as children, and this includes me to some extent, as my father was not available.

Kinda getting off topic ;) but basically can we not just let people do what they want with their children and leave the sarcasms and judging to bigger things such as global warming, and war?

Because really, does it really matter how I or you parent? How does it affect me, personally in anyway? (other than when my son marries his wife and she has a void to fill, I will be the one to help my son fill it.)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Real Mothers

Real Mothers don't eat quiche; they don't have time to make it.
Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils are probably in the sandbox.
Real Mothers often have sticky floors, filthy ovens and happy kids.
Real Mothers know that dried play dough doesn't come out of shag carpets.
Real Mothers don't want to know what the vacuum just sucked up.
Real Mothers sometimes asks "why me?" and get their answer when a little voice says, "because I love you best".
Real Mothers know that a child's growth is not measured by height or years or grade..... it is marked by the progression of Mama to Mommy to Mom.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

He is growing up.

Keenan has been nursed for just about 2 years, we are in the process
of weaning and are down to 3 times a day. When he wakes up, for a nap
(if he has one), and before bed.

Now that we nurse in another room and then go to bed, kiss him
goodnight and then say "nite nite Keenan, I love you" he then lies
down and goes to sleep.

Tonight was the same. After I said "Nite, nite Keenan, I love you" I
told him that it was bed time and pretended to sleep.

He played for a couple minutes and said "mom" a couple times. He then
said "shhhh. mommy seep-in" he then took his bear and said "ni ni
bear" "kiss" , and then his moose "ni ni moose" , then "monkey
seep-in". After he put all his stuffies in the order he wanted in our
bed he then said/sang "tinkle tinkle star" he layed down and went to

At 22months my baby has left and a little boy has emerged. I am so
happy, because the transition was so smooth, (because of my parenting
style I believe), but at the same time I am so sad, because my baby is
growing up!

Now, don't get me wrong I am not sad that he is growing up, because
the alternative is unthinkable, but I am melancholic. I guess I will
just have to try harder to have another "baby".

Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's been a while...

Well, after starting my own business I have been doing nothing but working/advertising/ networking 24/7.
I really have to learn how to stop.
Balancing home life vs. work life (when you work at home) is almost impossible.
Keenan is just about 2... in may, and so I am starting to plan his birthday party.
I really have nothing of interest to talk about as life is so boring in the winter.
I can't wait until summer, the zoo, walks, the river, Warm air....ah.
Go Away Snow.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I just thought of this while putting Keenan down, maybe we could use something like it…just a thought.

Sung to the tune of Rock a Bye Baby

Rock a Bye Baby

In Mommy’s arms.

Mama will Keep you safe from all harm.

Mama will stay and watch over you,

Until you are sleeping

Mommy loves you!


Rock a Bye Baby

Snug in my bed,

When you get tired,

Lay down your head.

Mama won’t leave you,

So fall asleep,

Mama will be here,

Let’s all go to sleep.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

I have not been good at keeping up with my posts. It's not that I am not on the computer as I am, ALL the time...well not all the time, but quite a bit once the little boy is in dreamland.
I have been trying to spend more "quality time" with K as he is starting to actually play. He got a bunch of toys that mommy can play with him together with.
I am also trying to stay more positive. As per Basically "The Secret" is the law of attraction. If you think positivley positive things will come to you. I am noticing that I have been saying No too much lately as my boy is starting to "tantrum" over anything and everything. Well, anything is chocolate, and everything is sugar.
So no choc or sugar after the holidays.
Another "resolution" I have is to go to sleep before I really have to go to bed.
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