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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Conversation of Great Misunderstanding.

Conversation while colouring on a toilet paper roll………

Child - "I am going to make a testicle."
Me - "A what?"
Child - "A testicle, you know…to look through."
Me - "OH!! A telescope! I thought that you were saying testicle…a part of your penis."
Child - "No, a telescope. You know, Octopuses have testicles….tones of them!"
Me - "Hahahaha! No. Tenticles."
Child - "That is what I said, testicles."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Natural Birth

So this is another Ranty post - surprise, surprise. The thing that I love most about my blog is that I can pretty much say anything that I like because this is my space, and my opinions really only matter to me.

Ie) you can choose not to read it if you feel that you will be offended.

I posted on my wall about the Beyonce debacle, and how one statement says that she had and elective caesarian and then another statement came out and said that it was a natural birth.

First thing is first, I really do not care how Beyonce had her baby. I don't know her personally and the fact that it was on everyone of my feeds yesterday irritated me…just a little…

So I commented that if there is ONE person in the world who can have a natural elective c-section that would be Beyonce Knowles.

Apparently my humor was lost on a whole bunch of people and I was again called out for judging some poor defenceless woman…. lets start here shall we? If you think that you do not judge people you are a liar. EVERYONE judges people. That is what human beings do. You judge based on status symbols, fashion, the way they talk, what they eat, what their kids eat. I find it completely hypocritical that I am constantly told "not to judge" on my facebook… screw off. I am going to.

Number 2. It is not all about you. Guess what? I KNOW that C sections CAN be necessary. I also know of a whole bunch that ARE NOT! But, if you had one, you will probably think that it was the emergency kind…. but NOT every c section is an emergency. We know this to be true. How do we know this? Study after study after study that shows that once a woman goes into the hospital and accepts intervention her risk for C-birth go up. Every time.

So my comment about the c-birth got into a conversation about how every birth is natural, and how no birth is un-natural….. um… surgery IS NOT natural. period. cutting into a woman's abdomen and then removing her uterus, placing it on her stomach, cutting it open, cutting the amniotic sack open, and then taking out the baby, and cutting his cord, and pulling out the placenta through the hole in the woman IS NOT NATURAL.

So I said the PC version of this and was called out as being "so superior" because I had 3 .. you guessed it.. natural births - no drugs, no interventions, out of my vagina…where babies NATURALLY come from….

And then gets into the whole discussion of "If you have a c-section tell every single person your horror story" vs. "If you have a natural birth keep it to yourself because not everyone can have a birth like yours"

Double standard.

I was not there in the hospital/ birthing room, and it is not my fault that your birth did/did not go as planned… so let me have my judgements (a joke for goodness sake) about celebrities and also to celebrate my birth because God Damnit! I worked fricken hard to push those babies out and have the war wounds to prove it!!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Paying for it

My littest is a pretty good sleeper. I havent had much trouble with him in his whole 20 full months of life. However, since we have been on break since the second week of December I have let him sleep whenever he wants to. Sleep in, have a nap at 4pm, go to sleep at midnight, and so on and so on…

Well now, I am trying to get the schedule back, and boy is it ever hard. He is just not tired. Yesterday he woke up at 7am, I put him down for a really early nap at 11am, he was up by 1pm. He was tired again by 7pm.

I thought YEA! It's working!!

Yea, no.

He woke up at 8:30, and then again at 9:30pm and was awake…like WIDE awake until 2am.

So yes, he slept in - we ALL did.

This morning he was up at 9am. I skipped the nap because I wanted to force him to go to bed earlier…. and so he was miserable from 5-6:30pm.

I put him down at 6:30pm, and guess what? Up at 7pm, and up again at 8pm…..and now what? It's 10:37pm and he is WIDE awake….


Did I ever mess this one up!!
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