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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 1 - Clutter Challenge.

I signed up for the Mothering Dot Commune Clutter Challenge. It's From December 26th to February 1st. The whole premise is that you need to find 5 things a day to get out of your house, and trash doesn't count. :)
(Unless it's stuff like old earrings that needed to be trashed.)
I got to a slow start but am up to 5 items as of yesterday. I am going to post the items here just so I can keep motivated. (but will continue to post regular blog posts as I can...)
I need to decide on what I would like as a reward at the end...any suggestions??

The List

1. An Elephant Stuffie
2. A Broken Kids Clock
3. A Play Drill
4. A bag of gDiapers, looking to sell, but will cosign or freecycle if need be.
5. A whole host of old medications. This was actually a long time in coming, I had way too many expired etc. and was able to put them away properly.

All in all, a good start!


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