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Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Jackets and Carseats.

I live in Canada. Guess what? Baby it is *cold* outside! Recently I have been noticing posts from mothers, blogs, facebook etc. that talk about the dangers of having your child wearing a coat in the winter in the car.
I get it, the jacket is bulky and gets in the way of the seat functioning properly. So the solution is to A) no jacket, B) poncho (polar fleece), C) the car-seat trick (which is still debatable between car seat techs) Here is a thread off
I guess I am super jaded having an emergency worker living in my house...I think that we can take all the precautions that we could possibly take and it's still not a guarantee that anything will be any better.
If you think about the amount of people that have died in cars over the years by drunk drivers, and the amount of drunk drivers that walk away with out a scratch after being ejected out of their cars it's really incredible. Sad really.
So instead of condemning mothers for using carseats with winter jackets, or thinking that they are knowingly putting their child at harm...maybe just maybe, the car seat tech should sit her ass down outside in -37 Celsius with a wind chill and wait for 15 - 20 mins....I mean if you were to get into an accident and rendered unconscious, how fast do you think the medics are going to get there?? And if your accident was bad enough that you are unconscious do you think you have heaters, and windows protecting your self and kids from the elements...and how fast does a child get hypothermia...
I am not saying we shouldnt be informed, but one size does not fit all and we really can only do the best that WE can.
I mean, I wasnt even in a car seat growing up.....thats progress isnt it?


Isles Calgary said...

I never thought of it that way. I do always leave the kids in their jackets even though I wish I could tighten their straps more. I can't justify warming the car up for the 15/20 minutes it would require to have them in there without jackets. Thanks for this perspective!

Kelly said...

I TOTALLY agree with you Alisha! My kids always have their jackets on in the van, or they'd freeze (only the dashboard heater works, and just barely). I've always thought about the whole accident thing too. And remember when a mama's van was stolen from a gas station with her daughter in it? The girl wasn't wearing a coat and she was left in a parking lot for 5 hours. Not that I want to think about stuff like that happening, but personally I just hate the cold and wouldn't want to be stuck out there, or have my kids out there, without being bundled up!

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