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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pie for Breakfast

My kids have been known to eat pie for breakfast, as well as a whole host of dessert products...Cinnamon Buns, Strudels, Turnovers, Donuts and the like. It's not because I think that these have any nutritional value in any way, but mostly because some days (like today) I just feel incredibly lazy and can not bother making them eggs, or toast, or pancakes (yet that seems like dessert as well) .
If you look at it that way, pie is actually more nutritious than the other things listed. I mean, look at the pie we had this morning. Apples, figs, a homemade least it has fruit in it.
I tell my kids that the reason that we had pie was because we are having a backwards day! They seem to get excited and I get off the hook.
I also get to make myself an individual smoothie, which I like much better than breakfast anyway!


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