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Friday, December 04, 2009

Sushi and Pregnancy.

I ate sushi last night. There I said it. I went against the grain and ate my share of glorious california rolls, salmon, tuna, red snapper, a spicy tuna roll, and the like. It was so good.
I am a huge sushi fan and so are my kids, so it is hard for our family to take it out of our diets for a whole 9 months. My kids actually like it, and are well behaved in a Sushi restaurant, so when I get pregnant I mourn for the days that I can go back and have my monthly Sushi infusion.
So last night was payday, and my son's second birthday is this weekend, and we decided to treat ourselves to a meal out. We asked the kids and the bigger one said Sushi. (we know the little one loves it just as much.) So we went.
Once we sat down we noticed that they changed the menu and the cheapest way for a family of 4 to eat was to get the Sushi for 2 and a couple extra avocado rolls.
I have always known of the concern about Sushi, Lunch Meats, Hotdogs, Soft Cheeses etc. So I was a little nervous consuming the fish. But I did. :)
I justified it by saying that women smoke through their whole pregnancy and what is a little bacteria on a fish going to do to me? I mean I haven't even gotten that H1N1 Vaccine as of yet, and that seems to be a much bigger deal.
As I ate each scrumptious piece I felt so guilty, but so satisfied at the same time.
I sat there thinking *why* was it so bad to eat Sushi? I mean, didnt women in Japan eat it everyday? Wouldn't they continue to eat it in pregnancy? My husband commented that perhaps they had the right bacteria in their stomachs to combat the bacteria. But I eat sushi once a month, so I must have that same bacteria. I also thought, maybe it was the mercury? If that was the case, I would just not eat Tuna, or Salmon for a couple months. (but all food is bad, someway or another. See Food Inc. if you don't believe me.)
So then I thought if I got sick I could tell the doctor I ate Sushi and then they would know how to treat it.
I then decided that all this would have been solved with an iPhone, and then put that on my Christmas list.
When I got home I googled, and guess what...I was right, and it is a fallacy. I was actually shocked. I expected to have many articles on just how bad Sushi is, but found that it's actually just one of those things you need to eat in moderation. Sure, bacteria exsits, and so does the mercury, but not in high enough levels in the fish choices I ate, and I live in the suburbs in a city, the restaurant that I chose to eat at is spotless.
You certainly learn something new everyday!
Want to read for yourself? Check out here, here, here and here.
Lastly, douzo meshiagare!!! (enjoy your meal!)


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