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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas and Kids

I am usually not a fan of family get togethers, as my husband and I are the only ones with children (as we are both the oldest). It's not that our families have any issue with our children, it's that we don't get to sit and chat with everyone, and are constantly trying to keep a handle (literally) on our children.
Christmas however, is considerably better. I think that it may be because the kids are supposed to act like kids. What I mean, is that there are no real expectations on children to act a certain way because Christmas is for children.
Children are expected to be loud, obnoxious, and all around crazy! People like it, laugh, take pictures and on.
This Christmas was great. No expectations, just enjoyment.
I also love the fact that children are what makes Christmas special and magical. That they get so excited over a tiny little toy that you knew they just didnt know HOW excited!!
LOVE watching them open up the paper, ripping it, getting so excited with anticipation.... awesome!


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