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Monday, December 28, 2009

I Don't Understand You.

I bought a book today on how to raise boys. My mom gave me crap and said that "You don't need to read a book on raising boys, you just do it!" She is right, I know...always right. But, a part of me still wants to see what this author will tell me.
I feel that when you have a girl, and totally correct me if I am wrong, that you can level with her to a point. You may get frustrated and argue, but you understand where she is coming from because you both think in the same way.
I don't think like a boy. Not to be too simplistic, or cliche, but I dont understand why farts are so funny, or why banging into walls or your baby brother is so hilarious.
When it comes to arguments I need to have some idea of how to argue with a boy/man. It's like when I get so frustrated with my husband because I just can not see where he is coming from and I shut down, or become defensive, or start yelling, or crying, because I just can't understand's not that I can''s just that we think differently; and unfortunately my sons will think like that too.
Sometimes men just dont make sense, and that is what I need the book for.
I know that it is not going to help me make these little robot men that I will be able to completely understand, manipulate and control. ( I don't want that) It may give me some tools, however, to better understand, talk and listen to all the men in my life, so that I dont get defensive, put walls up and maybe have a better relationship with my's worth a try anyway. :)


spanky said...

If it's any help, farts are funny to little girls, too (at least mine). I don't understand her much these days - the spitting, growling, groaning, etc at me when she doesn't like what she's just been told. I'm not sure it's a boy/girl thing so much as a little kid thing.

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