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Monday, December 14, 2009

Self Care

I am reading this book "The Mother's Guide to Self Renewal" I am on the chapter on Self-Care. How we as mothers do not take any time to do things that make us feel renewed or refreshed or whatever. We will forgo our shower if that means that we can do X for our kids, or even skip a meal or two because we are busy with the children.
I was really struck by the amount of time that I spend doing other things, instead of things for my self. One of the questions asked was "What are your top 3 life priorities?" based on what you do, or devote most of your life energy to...for me that would be cleaning my house, spending time on Facebook (working), and chatting with people on the phone about things that shouldn't really all.
So, I wont call them New Years Resolutions because they always get broken...but I do want to work on taking time for ME for MY family and MY relationships. The ones that are real, not superficial.
As I am entering the stage in my life when I am going to be the mother of 3 children, I need to get my priorities straight, and do things that feed my soul. Things that make life easier and less stressful for my kids, and my husband. Stop trying to make everyone else happy.
I am going to choose maybe 5 friends to concentrate on. The rest will just be on the surface. It's not like that is a bad thing, sometimes surface friends can be the best, because they are ones that you just have a good time with.
I just spend so much time repairing other peoples relationships, making sure that they feel supported, when I feel abandoned at times. (not by everyone)
I just need more me time.


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