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Monday, March 23, 2009

Breastfeeding Fodder

I got this off Hawthor's site.

Now, this isnt an argument for or against nursing, as I have been on both sides.
I just wanted you all to check out the reasons why Fisher-Price thinks that you should *choose* bottlefeeding over breastfeeding....

While breast milk is the ideal nutrition for babies – not to mention the least expensive option —formula is a good second choice. And, just as there are advantages to breastfeeding, bottlefeeding has its pluses, too. For example:

* Dad and other caregivers can feed baby

* Mom doesn’t need a breast pump, nursing bras or other special clothing.

* It's easy to bottlefeed baby just about anywhere.

* Moms who bottlefeed can diet, take medication and drink or eat as they choose without worrying about effects on baby.

* With a bottle, it's easy to tell exactly how much baby is taking in.

* Bottlefeeding mothers bond just as closely with their babies as nursing mothers.

Ummmmm....Dad and other caregivers can feed baby if you nurse as well.
I dont wear any special clothing do I? Well sometimes I forgo the bra, but that is just as much for my husband as my child...;P
I think I can actually breastfeed in more places than I could when bottlefeeding....but I could be wrong.
Woohoo, if I choose formula Fisher -Price has just said I can drink, smoke and do drugs all at the same time and it wont hurt my baby. lol
Well, it is true that you can tell how much they are taking in, and yes they can bond as closely as a mom does who doesnt nurse...unless of course they use that monkey contraption...hmmm I wonder if Fisher-Price sells one of those........

I should be sleeping not riling myself up with how stupid Fisher-Price is. (do I have to boycott another company today?!)

(I also posted this on my board, so many will see it more than once!) ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


This is kinda a reply to Kirsty's Post.
I came to the conclusion a long time ago that mothers are just women.
I had put moms on this pedestal, because they sacrifice for their little ones, and work all day everyday without pay to keep the house moving.
But, really, get them all in a room (or virtual room) with out kids and they all revert back.
The cool kids, the geeks, Leadership, drama, etc etc etc. It's like highschool really.
And yes, the judgement. (which is worse online). So when it comes to moderating that stuff, it just makes you tired, and even more judgy because you wonder why oh why cant they all just be secure in themselves? The answer...because we are women. :(
I am not saying that I am totally untouchable, because I have stirred some major $hat in my day, let me tell you, dear reader...I actually have a friend that I really got along with, and then I put my foot in my mouth and out my ass, and our relationship is still weird. (for me anyway...I dont know for her. And no, I am not sure if we have ever said sorry for the horrid things that went back and forth, and yes I was pregnant at the time....)
The point is that everyone says things they regret, and everyone judges, and why cant we just say sorry and move on?
Why must we hold on and beat a dead horse? (also, in a small AP will see these same people forever!) ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's not actually dirty per say....

K looks at me and says....
K : Why isnt my hair back to normal?
M: What do you mean?
K: I want Blonde...not dirty blonde.....
M:sometimes hair changes colour.
K: I dont want it to go different, I dont want my hair to die.

Burst out crying.....

Shhhesh! lol

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Light Turns On

I belong to a pretty progressive parenting board and have been a member for over 4 years. There is lots of discussions on a variety of topics. Recently we had a discussion about homeschooling, outlining many of the questions that I have put up on this blog. Today one of the very wise mama's posted, "Not homeschooling kindergarten because you're not sure about homeschooling Chemistry 30 is sorta like not breastfeeding a newborn because you don't want to breastfeed a toddler or preschooler, no?", in regards to my concerns about Homeschooling teens.

Can I just say, Wow.

Really. This one post has put all of my questions, all of my concerns all of my thoughts at rest. (It might help that she is a professional writer....) It is just so clear. One day at a time.

That is all we really can do as parents. We only know what we did at the time, and we always do the best that we can. So why worry about 18 years down the road?

Meet your child where they are and support them and the rest will follow.

Thank you M.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Growing Up So Fast

R is growing up so fast. Before bed, K and R had a bath together and were slurping water and spitting it out at one another, and laughing the whole time. I keep forgetting just how old little R is. I keep thinking that he is 6 months younger when in actuality he is much older. The only difference is that he is not a talker.
They then proceeded to wrestle eachother and I kept thinking that he was going to fall off the bed, and I kept telling K to stop but R didnt want to. He wanted right in there, to be just like his big if I could just let go, that little bit more.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't Be Mad Mommy,

Most of the time I am a pretty easy-going mom. Some, like my husband, would say that I am a little *too* easy-going. This is not the case. I see myself as moderate. I have my good days and I most definitely have my bad. Today was one of those days.
I was doing okay, until I learned that the place I go for Gymnastics with the boys cut down their drop in by an hour but doubled the price! Outrageous.
Of Course the whole day was shot after that.
Then there was the super pee on the floor that I had to call C to get him to talk me down. We are talking a whole 4 cups on the floor in front of the toilet. IN FRONT!!!
And then there is bedtime.
I got so mad that I yelled, and stomped and had to leave the room. And felt like an ass afterward.
Sometimes I just want some time to myself, just me. All by my lonesome.
Did I mention that my grandma is back in the hospital.....correlation anyone?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Schooling - An Update

I was all set to stand in line at 4pm for the 7pm registration for preschool for K. Even though it was a blustery -30 below I was ready. I got all the forms filled out and signed, immunization waiver printed out, called my mom to babysit...and then. A small feeling in my gut made me re-think what I was doing and I got cold feet and completely bailed.
I am sure that if this particular preschool had more than just 2 spots available for the 4 year olds I may have considered it more, but that was strike one. I just couldnt justify standing in line for 4 hours *in case* K got a spot.
Number two. I am pretty sure I am going to end up homeschooling for the elementary years. I have felt this way, off and on. But, really, I feel like the way the school system is set up right now is not really the way that I want my kids to learn about the world. We can do a whole host of other options in order to learn the curriculum, without having to sit in a desk for 8 hrs a day, and get 1 hr of homework a night for a 6 year old.
Just seems too much for me.
I really like the look of the blended program. If that is the direction I am going towards for elementary, then why oh why would I stand in line for a program that is 3 days a week?
Not to mention, because of my profession I have so many resources for teaching K. I mean if I feel he is lacking we will just go to school; for FREE. ;)
Now I think I will just "homeschool" him through the summer, and see if he likes it...if he doesn't it's not like I just can put him in a class that has "ongoing registration".

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Here I go again.
It's after midnight on Sunday and here I am sitting Blogging because I can't sleep and I don't really want to study motivation in Psych. (how is that for a laugh).
Anyway, I have always thought that my older son is a "gifted" child. He could talk before he was a year old, had a massive vocab by the age of two, and can recognize all the letters in the alphabet, and numbers to 10 by three. I am not saying that he is some genius or something, but I have just noticed that he has a love of learning and that it is quite visible.
Now. I have also thought that because of his caring, sensitive soul that I have talked about before, that perhaps he would do best in a different kind of learning environment. Not saying homeschooling entirely, but at least having an advocate there for him to see and learn from. I have also thought that he would need something more than I received.
When he was one, I thought, yes I will homeschool.
Then I met my business partner who happens to be a teacher, she told me that I alone couldnt possibly meet all the needs that he would require and that it was good for him to learn from other people in a enriching environment. So I thought, hmmmmm........
We opened a preschool together and I placed him in Parented Preschool. He thrived. He learned more from my business partner then I had ever thought to have taught him. I just thought that some concepts were above him and never gave him the opportunity to learn. I was sold. Preschool was the best!
Then we had a new teacher, and she didnt treat him the same because I was the boss. (or I perceived it that way.) And so after the R was born I pulled him.
I put him in regular preschool for year 3. Mostly because my business partner had told me all the benefits and I thought, why not? something for just him 2 days a week might be nice.
It has not been as great as I would have hoped. I feel like he is lost in the crowd. That he is not even close to his potential.
So now to the thoughts for next year.
After I saw Alfie Kohn speak I was re energized for School Reform and thought that Keenan will go to public school and I will fight, as I do for parents and birth.....and then I saw that people like John Holt had been fighting for school reform since the 1960's and that made me feel a bit disheartened again.
I seem to go to one side and then the other every year. And as Kindergarden approaches I get more and more and more freaked out. I mean seriously, I was IN education. I SAW who the next generation of teacher are. I saw them at the bar, in the dorms etc. I was friends with a LOT of them....and that is why I left that major.
I know that there are good teachers out there. I have family that have worked with the system all the way up to management. But I dont really want to start a losing battle, this is my kids future we are talking here. His whole life.
I am terrified that he will be destroyed by the public system, but I am also scared that I wont be able to facilitate his learning to the level that it needs to be.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Letting Go

Letting Go 
The Birth of Ryan Christopher

I found out I was pregnant on the day of my son’s second birthday party. I mentioned to my best friend that I had been feeling sick. She told me to take a pregnancy test. I thought, “Why? I am still nursing, I don’t have a period…” 

The little blue lines staring up at me were a wake-up call. I called my midwife before I told my husband Chris. She calmed me down and told me they would take me on as a returning client. She said to relax and enjoy Keenan’s birthday party. 

I couldn’t really relax. I was buzzing. I had just agreed to take on a new business venture with my friend. I had no idea just how pregnant I was. She assured me that we would run the business, and it would work out great. 

Fast forward to my ultrasound two weeks later to figure out the due date, which I thought would be about eight months away. Turned out I was actually already close to 13 weeks pregnant. I had skipped the whole first trimester, without even knowing it. 

I had supreme mother guilt. Not only did I have a thyroid condition, a dairy allergy, and a tendency to stress myself out, I was also still nursing my two year old. I had just taken a holiday and drank copious amounts of alcohol (well maybe closer to three cosmos) and used the hot tub. 

I was devastated. I felt like a horrible mother. With my first son I had taken prenatal vitamins, done yoga, attended childbirth classes; the whole thing. For this pregnancy I missed the whole first trimester. 

I worried and worried. Luba, my new midwife, kept trying to reassure me. I did listen to her…somewhat. I just couldn’t help wondering if I would carry this baby to term. I would stay up all night sometimes wishing I had done better. 

I started pushing the idea of even having the baby out of my head. I knew I was pregnant, but convinced myself that I was not as pregnant as I actually was. I kept going. I weaned my son from my breast and my bed. I still worked as hard as ever on all other aspects of my life. 

I kept thinking, “This baby isn’t going to come until February!” My body kept giving me other signs.

I booked prenatal photographs for the morning of December 4, 2007. When I woke up I felt cramps and had a lot of Braxton Hicks. We headed over and did the shoot. A couple of times the photographer asked if I was okay because I seemed to grimace in a couple of the poses. I assured her it was fine and that it was just Braxton Hicks. 

Chris started timing them and found they were seven minutes apart, like clockwork. Our photographer said, “I think you may be in labour. You should call your midwife.” I brushed it off. It’s too early, I thought, “It’s just false labour.” 

We promised to call when I got home just to be on the safe side. I convinced Chris to stop at Babes In Arms before we went home because we were so close. My girlfriends own the store and they were both there when I walked in. I was busy chatting with them about baby carriers and prenatal pictures when I had to stop and breathe. They were both really concerned.

“Are you in labour?” my friend asked. I said, “No, I’m just having really consistent Braxton Hicks. “How consistent?” my other friend asked. “About six minutes apart.” They both yelled at me to go home and call my midwife, so I left to go home and told them I would let them know.

I still didn’t believe I was in labour. But we went home and Chris called the midwives anyway. I had a fast labour with my first, so the midwives, Luba and Maura, decided to come over to check on me right away. When they arrived, I was still having contractions every six minutes. The midwife checked me and I was about four centimeters dilated. 

So the waiting game began. I answered all my work emails letting people know I would be out of commission for a while, still not really cluing in that this baby was coming. We had lunch, dinner, and my mother and mother-in-law arrived. I put Keenan to bed. 

The midwives thought that maybe I would kick into high gear after he went to bed. I was still fighting it. Centimeter by centimeter my body was fighting against my mind. “I am not going to have this baby today! It’s too early. I am not ready.” 

The midwives stripped my membranes and broke my water, and still I made no real progress. I had tinctures and snacks and we were still stalled. Maura came up and told me, very matter of factly, that I WAS going to have this baby, and that it was only going to happen when I wanted it to. 

I asked her if I could have a nap for a while. She said yes, but after that we had to decide what we were going to do. I slept for about 40 minutes, with contractions coming every five or so. I woke up to Maura saying it was almost time. She said I was over seven and a half centimeters. She was going to go downstairs and get the rest of the team. It was past midnight.

Chris, my mom and I sat alone in the room. “I don’t want to do this again.” I cried. “It hurts.” Chris laughed, “Well, you can’t really go back now honey!”

My mom said, “It’s pain with purpose. Remember what it is at the end of this journey; a beautiful baby boy. Ryan is coming sweetie, he is coming.”

I cried, “I am not ready for him. I am scared. I don’t know how to be the mom of two. What if I suck?” My husband looked at me, “You are the best mom to Keenan, and you will be an awesome mom to Ryan. I love you.” 

I hugged him fiercely and gave in to my body. The contractions came on hard and fast; one after another and another. My mom scrambled to call the midwives in. My mother-in-law rushed in with them. 

After two more contractions I was pushing, and it took less than 15 minutes for Ryan to clear the birth canal, and for Maura to say, “There he is; grab on to your baby! Reach down and pull him out!” 

I grabbed hold of Ryan under his arms and pulled him onto my chest. I finally realized how much I wanted this little baby and just how perfect he was. Like the ever so patient little boy he has turned out to be, Ryan just had to wait a little while longer for me to figure it out. 

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