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Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Second Birthday

My little guy turned two years old today. It's so mind blowing that it was only two years ago that I welcomed him into this world upstairs on my bed.
When you first have a child you expect that your life will be forever changed but you don''t realize just *how* much that it does change. Or how much you learn with every child.
I truly believe that our children are sent to us to teach us something. It could be patience, it could be empathy, understanding, or even how to stand up for your self.
My little guy has taught me that every child is incredibly different no matter how much they look like their older brother. He has also taught me to think on my feet, to let things slide, and to listen to my intuition much more. His older brother was able to tell me what he needed at a very young age and this one makes me do all the work!
He is a very high spirited and energetic boy, who definitely knows what he wants in life and will let you know if he isn't getting it.
I feel blessed to have such a wonderful little man in my life and look forward to watching him live and grow.


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