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Friday, January 01, 2010

Day 8 - Clutter Challenge

And on to Day 8. I am actually not home tomorrow de-cluttering as we are visiting the In-Laws, so I decided to get extra from today and make the post ready to go for tomorrow!

The List.

36 - Plan Toy Catalogue.
37 - Tummy Ease. I am going to send this to my cousin who has horrible morning sickness.
38 - A printer. Yes, I said that. A Printer. Now I just have to figure where to drop it off.....
39 - A Sony Cybershot Camera...for Sale!
40 - 2 plastic coat-hangers. (I am a wood fan).

Wow! 40 items already!

Supastar! lol


Lee said...

The printer can go to the electronics recycling at Currie Barracks. Staples has a bin for recycling too. Another option is to call the Drop In Centre as I think they refurbish computers, etc for those who can't afford them.

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