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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Day 11 - Clutter Challenge

It's been harder and harder to find pieces for me to get rid of. Not that I don't have a tonne, it's just that every spot turns into a big job in the process....

So for today (making up for not posting yesterday)

51 - A Lamp, that we got a light -bulb for and found it wasnt actually working...ask me how long I had a dead lamp in my living room....
52 - A Fax Machine.
53 - Another set of Phones with 3 handsets....insane.
54 - A hand towel that is eaten by overuse.
55 - A Gingerbread House set. (was saving it, for what? I have no idea.)

There will be another post momentarily while I find 5 more things for today!


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