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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Day 14 - Clutter Challenge

Just a quick post for today. I have my 5 items, but I am afraid to go into the really cluttered places because they are just so much these are just random things found while cleaning.

66 - A old block from a block puzzle, lost in the abyss of the toy chest.
67 - A magic bag to go back to my mom today!!
68 - 50 test strip pregnancy tests, that are going to my friend...dont ask, it was a pregnancy test coop.
69 - An old cake pan that has seen MUCH better days.
70 - A little man from the Candyland game...his friends were thrown away many months ago.

And since that is from yesterday, I need to find 4 more things to catch up for today! (but I have a Christmas party to go to, so it may have to wait until tomorrow, as I have to get ready!!)


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