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Monday, January 18, 2010

The End of a Chapter

I have a habit for doing thing for free for the benefit of others. I guess I just have a philantropic nature. I really enjoy helping people, even if it is to my detriment.
I have been actively involved in a parenting group (grassroots) in my city for the last 6 years, I have attended countless meetings, been to many many a potluck and a playgroup, and moderated the forum for 3.5years.
I am not sure why I kept on doing it. The bickering, drama and stress alone that I showcased in this blog, should have been enough to get me to stop. For some reason I felt obligated to stay. To stay for friends, because of the time and effort put in, for my own need of acceptance, to show that I can make a difference? I am not sure. I just know that as of yesterday, I just couldnt.
The group has been taken over by a new board of directors and the transition has not been an easy one. I am friends with all of those on the board, but one should not mix business and pleasure. I am really happy not to have to be the "devil's advocate" for all those members that emailed me quietly offlist because they did not want to stir the pot, and knew that I had no problems in doing so.
Now, I can just participate. I dont have to watch my tone, or make sure that I am showing a good face for the parenting group. I can do whatever I please, accountable to no one but myself.
In reality, I will probably just fill up this new free time with something else....PTA anyone....


Kelly said...

Thanks for everything you've done! I hope this transition is good for you! I've definitely missed out on all the drama, thankfully.

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