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Friday, January 01, 2010


It is the first day of 2010. Crazy. So much has changed in my life since 2000. (well for one, I had just graduated from High-School). I now have a husband, a load of debt, 2 beautiful sons, a dog, 2 cats and a baby on the way, I co-own a business, I volunteer for a non-profit that provides advocacy for women in birth, and I have some of the best friends that I have ever had.

Usually people write resolutions but I believe that resolutions are never kept. So this year I am making Intentions. Intentions are things that you want to do, but do not have the same level as failure that resolutions do, when you don't make them.

So my Intentions for 2010

To find ways to use my skills to bring some cash into my household.
To eat more local, more sustainable, and more on the periphery of the grocery store.
To take time for myself every week, even if it is 1 hr, and do something just for me.
To get a shower every 2 days!
To read one book a month that is NOT on parenting or birth.
To get certified in Childbirth Education.
To start teaching classes on Childbirth Education.
To go out socially once a month with my girlfriends, and not because of a volunteer commitment, or work.
To go on a date with my husband once a month. Just the two of us. (unless the baby needs a nurse.)
To clean one room in my house a day.
To continue the 5 things a day clutter challenge until I am clutter free.
To stop stressing about things that I can not control. (other peoples actions, and how they affect OTHER people.)
To spend more time doing crafts, and reading with my children.
and the big one....
To spend a designated amount of time a day on the computer and IGNORE it the rest of the time.
To go outside once a every two days with my kids.
To get my children more physical activity.

I think that is all for now....what is your biggest intention for 2010?


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