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Saturday, March 31, 2007

He is growing up.

Keenan has been nursed for just about 2 years, we are in the process
of weaning and are down to 3 times a day. When he wakes up, for a nap
(if he has one), and before bed.

Now that we nurse in another room and then go to bed, kiss him
goodnight and then say "nite nite Keenan, I love you" he then lies
down and goes to sleep.

Tonight was the same. After I said "Nite, nite Keenan, I love you" I
told him that it was bed time and pretended to sleep.

He played for a couple minutes and said "mom" a couple times. He then
said "shhhh. mommy seep-in" he then took his bear and said "ni ni
bear" "kiss" , and then his moose "ni ni moose" , then "monkey
seep-in". After he put all his stuffies in the order he wanted in our
bed he then said/sang "tinkle tinkle star" he layed down and went to

At 22months my baby has left and a little boy has emerged. I am so
happy, because the transition was so smooth, (because of my parenting
style I believe), but at the same time I am so sad, because my baby is
growing up!

Now, don't get me wrong I am not sad that he is growing up, because
the alternative is unthinkable, but I am melancholic. I guess I will
just have to try harder to have another "baby".


Jamie said...

It's bittersweet hey?

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