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Friday, June 15, 2007

Passing Judgement

I was reading a friend of mines blog and the comments on her latest post really bothered me. Not that I actually care what this anonymous person thinks, but the fact that someone actually took the time to put my friend down.

Of course it was a comment on AP, and how she must know everything...but I think, maybe she does? Is it so wrong for a parent, any parent to be truly informed when making decisions for their child. It is not like we are only care takers of children, these small people will one day become mothers and fathers themselves and the way we treat them is the way that they will treat the world when they grow and leave our nests.

I know that I personally would want my son to know that I will always come when he needs me. Regardless of age or time or place. And that way he will always be there for his wife and his children. He won't feel the empty void that so many people feel because of the way they were parented as children, and this includes me to some extent, as my father was not available.

Kinda getting off topic ;) but basically can we not just let people do what they want with their children and leave the sarcasms and judging to bigger things such as global warming, and war?

Because really, does it really matter how I or you parent? How does it affect me, personally in anyway? (other than when my son marries his wife and she has a void to fill, I will be the one to help my son fill it.)


Jamie said...

Hey Alisha! I didn't know you were expecting again - congrats to you and Chris! When are you due? Do you guys find out what you are having, or do you like surprises? How does Keenan feel about it?
As for your blog - AMEN. Whatever is right for one person may not be right for the next, and as long as we are raising civilized people, it doesn't really matter how we do it. How did you get into the whole AP thing anyway? I hadn't really heard that much about it until I started reading your blog - turns out I have a couple friends who are into it too! Hope you don't mind me reading and commenting on your blog all the time! It's always nice to hear other mom's perspectives!

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