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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sick Boy

What I have been told is that Keenan has Rotovirus. Which is super
common and super contagious for kids under 5. Stats say that 90% of
kids will get it by age 5.
There are only 2 places that I can think of where he could have caught
this as it is only transfered by feces.
1. Shopping Cart
2. Change Table in Restaurant.
I will be carrying antiseptic wipes to wipe down change tables and
shopping carts from now on. I would urge you all to do the same, and
to be extra vigilant about washing your hands as well as your babes.

This experience has also made me reaffirm the way I (personally)
parent. I saw countless numbers of sick kids at the children's. Keenan
was one of the older children, and none of them were nursed. Even the
new ones. All I saw was bottles (and these children were not bottle
fed with love, more like shove a bottle in your mouth so you stop
crying). Pacifiers on every child, dragging on the hospital floor and
put back in the mouth. Stroller after stroller and screaming babies.
It was overwhelming.
And the comments on my wrap and my nursing. I cant tell you how
invaluable those two things have been. The doctors said that he would
be in such worse shape if he had not been nursed.
And the wrap. If you don't have one I would STRONGLY suggest you get
one. The mamas at the hospital that were holding their sick babes,
because all they could do to calm them was to stand and rock. A sling
or a wrap would have helped them so so much.
Keenan would only sleep on me, while he had been sick. I LOVE my wrap.

I think the worst is over. We are using homeopathics and they seem to
be working as there is nothing the medical world can do for rotovirus.

We will be quarantined until after the weekend.
Take care of yourselves, your children, and each other.


Jamie said...

I'm not trying to be argumentative or anything, I just want to offer the other side...I too was in the Children's Hospital with my baby (5 months old at the time) for a week this fall. I do not breast feed, for my own reasons, and I don't think that breast feeding would have changed the cause, treatment or outcome of my child's illness. I also lovingly feed my baby a bottle and cherish the time I get to spend alone with him. I also don't have a wrap or sling of any type; I was one of the mother's standing and rocking my baby and I just want to say that I LOVE rocking my baby. I love holding him with my own arms and focusing solely on him, not the million other tasks I could be doing if my arms were free. I'm not critisizing your way of parenting, but I am saying be careful about judging other people's. I don't love my children any less than you simply because I haven't choosen attachment parenting. I also don't think that my children are any worse off. I obviously chose my parenting style because it works for me and my husband and my children and I think I am a good mom and that I have perfectly happy, well-adjusted children. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I just wanted to stand up for the mothers out there who haven't choosen to do things AP-style.

Alisha said...

Being an AP Parent is not about breastfeeding and babywearing exclusively. I don't think by breastfeeding or by placing your child in a hands free carrier therefore make you an attachment parent. Attachment Parenting is about responding to baby's cues and following what works best for each individual family. (excluding CIO).
I think by lovingly feeding your son and by loving to rock him when he is sick make you an AP parent regardless if you subscribe to the label or not. :)
I don't take your comments to be aguementive and I applaud you for sticking up for those mothers who do not babywear/breastfeed.
I was just trying to say that personally being able to nurse and babywear made that particular situation much easier on me, and that I wished other mom's could find that relief as well.
Sometimes I come off too harsh and Anti-mainstream and I will try to be more conscious of who I am offending.
Thank you for your post!

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