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Thursday, November 02, 2006


I started a Parent Education company and it launches on Saturday at the Natural Family Fair. I am so excited and scared $h!tless as well. I have so much to do and hardly any time to do it.
You should see the state of my house. Chris is at work (again) and it has all gone to h#ll in a handbasket. I am going to have to work my @$$ off before he gets back so that he doesnt complain about how I sit on my butt all day.
Which I really didnt do this time, as I have been super busy. But I dont think that my family realizes how serious I am about this business and how I really want it to take off.
I feel like I am being pulled in so many directions.
Finishing my practicum, doing business stuff, doing fair stuff, watching Keenan, cleaning house, going to the doctor for health concerns (lost 20lbs in 1month), and I am in two courses for general education. (homeopathic for kids and fertility awareness).
Needless to say my plate is overflowing. And I am up until 1am everynight finishing things and doing things on the computer that I wanted to do all day but couldnt because Keenan wants to play
And then I am up at least once to nurse and he is up for the day by 6:30 am. (Did I mention he doesnt go to sleep til 10pm?!? DAMN Daylight Savings)
I find that once you finally get them on a schedule, something happens and it all goes to $#!T!!!
(Can I swear enough on this post?)


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