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Sunday, May 01, 2005

38 Weeks

Well, we are now at 38 weeks. How crazy is that?! He is completely head down and dropped into my pelivs and Toby(midwife) thinks that it may even be this week! She said that maybe they wouldn't see me for my next appointment. It's funny though because I am so used to being pregnant that I feel normal. And having the baby outside my body would be the wierd thing.
Some interesting news...I tested positive for GBS (strep B) which is a bacteria in 4 - 20% of healthy women and is only an issue during birth because you can pass the bacteria to the baby while he is being born. So my dream of an unmedicated birth is no longer as now I have to have antibiotics pumped into me during labour. (I don't HAVE to but it's all a game of Statistics and I am not a big gambler). I am not sure if this affects the cord blood banking, probably :(
The only thing that I am worried about is how are the antibiotics going to affect him and his little immune system??
It's so annoying! Why can't things just be normal and uncomplicated for Christopher and I sometime in our lives??
Okay, stop ranting!! I have been getting irregular contractions regularly...:) So my uterus is gearing up for the birth. It's really just a waiting game. Hopefully he waits for Chris to come back from lets say "Wait til the Weekends baby!!!"


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