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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Visiting Day

Today is the visiting day. I am excited that people get to meet Keenan, but I am also so tired. This one hour of sleep stints are starting to get me down. Thank god I have Chris to help me out or else I think I would go mental. Keenan is not a bad baby, far from it, but he is a very sucky baby. He would stay attached to my boob all day if he had his way. I am constantly feeding him. At first I thought maybe it was me, that I didn't have enough milk or that he just wasnt getting enough nutrients.... but his output is above average so he is getting everything he needs, he just wants to suck. The hard part is that I can't tell between wanting to suck and hunger, so I end up sitting all day feeding. So it gets a little tiring, not to mention a little sore.
As I am typing this Keenan is swaddled and in a sling around my midsection because he freaks if I put him down, so typing and regular stuff just got that much more difficult.


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