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Thursday, May 26, 2005

2 Ounces

We had our two week post-natal appointment today, and Keenan has gained 2ounces! That makes him 7lbs and 6oz. I thought he would be a little bigger than that as he eats constantly!! He is eating now every 3hrs during the day and 4hrs at night, so I am getting a little more sleep. I am pissed off today though as the midwives have informed us that we have to pay GST on thier services rendered. It's not like $2800 was enough for them, now they want another $200!! We can't afford that! Not with Chris on paternity leave. Stupid Government. Everyother province except Sask. pays for midwifery care, now we have to pay more money? What is this?!? Two teired health care already? It's ridiculous! Chris doesnt want to pay because he says that we signed a contract that said we had to be paid up by 36weeks and we were, so they dont have a leg to stand on...but I dont want them to be mad(what if i need them again...for my next birth???) So irritating. I think I am more irritated because I haven't been sleeping well....with the baby and all.


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