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Friday, May 06, 2005


We had our midwife appointment today and everything is still a go! We are just waiting on the little man to decide that he wants to come out. Now both of my midwives think that I won't go into the 20's of May so the longest they think is May 18. But, hopefully it's sooner. We have everything that we "need" for this baby! I got my diapers delivered today (We have a diaper service), I have been waiting for them, for like forever!
We will continue going in walks and trying the raspberry tea among other things to induce this baby. I don't want to wear myself out though, so I don't think that running up and down stairs is such a good idea.
Maura asked me today if I am ready and I think that I just about am. I don't think that I will get anymore "ready" so it might as well just happen.


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