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Monday, March 23, 2009

Breastfeeding Fodder

I got this off Hawthor's site.

Now, this isnt an argument for or against nursing, as I have been on both sides.
I just wanted you all to check out the reasons why Fisher-Price thinks that you should *choose* bottlefeeding over breastfeeding....

While breast milk is the ideal nutrition for babies – not to mention the least expensive option —formula is a good second choice. And, just as there are advantages to breastfeeding, bottlefeeding has its pluses, too. For example:

* Dad and other caregivers can feed baby

* Mom doesn’t need a breast pump, nursing bras or other special clothing.

* It's easy to bottlefeed baby just about anywhere.

* Moms who bottlefeed can diet, take medication and drink or eat as they choose without worrying about effects on baby.

* With a bottle, it's easy to tell exactly how much baby is taking in.

* Bottlefeeding mothers bond just as closely with their babies as nursing mothers.

Ummmmm....Dad and other caregivers can feed baby if you nurse as well.
I dont wear any special clothing do I? Well sometimes I forgo the bra, but that is just as much for my husband as my child...;P
I think I can actually breastfeed in more places than I could when bottlefeeding....but I could be wrong.
Woohoo, if I choose formula Fisher -Price has just said I can drink, smoke and do drugs all at the same time and it wont hurt my baby. lol
Well, it is true that you can tell how much they are taking in, and yes they can bond as closely as a mom does who doesnt nurse...unless of course they use that monkey contraption...hmmm I wonder if Fisher-Price sells one of those........

I should be sleeping not riling myself up with how stupid Fisher-Price is. (do I have to boycott another company today?!)

(I also posted this on my board, so many will see it more than once!) ;)


Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pumps said...

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Alisha said...

Okay, I thought about not publishing this comment, but I thought I would and then comment on it....
This was not a blog post on Breastfeeding Tips, it was a rant on how Fisher Price wants moms to see the pro's of Formula Feeding, it has almost nothing to do with breastfeeding....
So really, you just searched "Breastfeeding" to link to your website in the hopes that more women will
Am I wrong? Did you actually READ the post??????

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