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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Younger and Wiser?

I was just looking at a bunch of my favourite Bloggers the other day PhD in Parenting, CodeName Mama, The Feminist Breeder and Christie Haskell on the Stir. All pretty much blog about my "type" of parenting. I think their blogs are wonderfully informative and I forward them often to friends on Facebook.

I was noticing today, as they have all posted about their own families recently, that not one of them has a child *over* 6. (PhD in Parenting's son is the oldest and born in 2004)

What is up with that?

It's a theme that has been following me for a while and just now rearing it's ugly head in my Blogreel. My child is older than the children of a lot of the parents that I go to for advice.
I really don;t think that this is intentional...I follow blogs because I am a techy. I have had this particular blog since I was pregnant with my first (way back in 2004/2005) because I was looking for somewhere that I could share the milestones of pregnancy with friends (since I was the first to get preggo - well... second).

Some would say that maybe it is because Blogging is so new. Well, that is kinda true but there are bloggers of teenagers out there..they just don't blog about "parenting" and more about "life" or school/food/crafts/cakes/etc. etc.

Others would say that it is because "Attachment Parenting" or "instinctual parenting" or what ever you want to call it, is new....and it really isnt. Dr.Sears came out with his first books in the late 70's early 80's...and my own mother breastfed and co-slept with ALL her kids until they were 2. (not to mention sharing feelings, gentle discipline...the whole deal (pssst. she was also a TEEN mom - does that shock you?! :P )

I feel that when I read these posts of my favourite bloggers I get more of a sense of validation...that yes, I have been saying that all along, or hey, I blogged about that 3 years ago, or just wait until your child is 4....

What I would love is to read a blog by a mother who parents like I do, but has children that are OLDER than mine. I want to see what she would have done *differently* so that I can maybe change some of the things that I do in my life.

When everyone is going through the same thing, it is great to commiserate, but you don't learn as much as listening to someone who has already *been* at that stage and survived to tell the tale.

What do you think? Do you follow any "AP" blogs that feature parents who have older kids????


starla22 said...

But if their kids are older - why would they be writing about parenting younger kids? Don't we blog about our current experiences?

mama3boys said...

Yes, that is my point exactly! We *DO* blog about our current experiences and what I am asking is WHERE are all the AP/Natural/Instinctual Parenting Bloggers with kids over 6?? Do they just not exist? And if they do, could people *please* share links??
Like I said, I really enjoy all of the blogs that I listed. I read them every time a new post comes's just that usually they are about kids at the same age or younger because that is their experience. I am not knocking it at all...just musing about it.
It is kind of weird that the most popular AP/Natural Parenting Blogs are written by parents of kids born *after* 2004 don't you think?

Lisa said...

Moxie's oldest is around 8 or so (though her blog isn't so personal, I really think the tone of her answers has change in the 4 years that I've been reading her).

Another one to check out the archives for (since she doesn't blog tons) is Hands Full of Rocks ( She was (is?) a regular commenter on Moxie's blog (not sure if she still is b/c I don't read the comments anymore). Her oldest is around 12/13 and youngest are twins about Keenan's age (maybe a year older).

That's about all I've got! I read a lot of the same ones you do. ;)

Jessica said...

I think that as your kids get older you also just get less obsessed, more comfortable with your choices, more familiar with what works for YOUR kid, and more relaxed about parenting. It's all the parents with young kids who blog and post questions and answers because we are the ones still figuring it all out.

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