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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Year - A New Outlook

I have been feeling extremely burnt out with the husband being away so often that it is spilling into all aspects of my life. I feel that I am a grouchy friend, a grouchy mom, and just pessimistic in general.
I have decided that every time that I feel the urge to post a whiny status update on Facebook I will write about something that I feel grateful for instead. It will be a stretch but I am sure that I will be able to turn my pessimistic attitude around.
For the most part it comes from having to be a single parent for more than half of the year with little to no support. I find it interesting that people always wonder "How do I do it" and the sad truth is that I don't have a choice...what else are we going to do? This recession has hit us just as hard as it has hit anyone we truck on.
It's not the taking care of the kids that puts me in a bad mood, because for the most part my kids are pretty awesome. They like each other and play really nicely, they listen and are a joy to be around...we have our moments, but what parent doesn't?
It's AFTER the kids go to bed. When I am all alone with no one to talk to about my day. I came from a family of 6, there was always someone around to just BE around. To talk to, or not talk to...but they were there. Now my family is Facebook or A&E.
It's so easy to get sucked into the computer and chat with people but I am feeling a massive lack of community. Maybe I am the type of person who just needs more - who knows? But I am going to try and look on the bright side, do more things than the computer and TV....and get a life.


akathemom said...

Good for you! I need to shift my focus as well. I've been far too whiny for far too long. I think you are amazing. Good luck!

Kelly said...

I wish you lived closer to me. I would totally be up for getting groceries together or doing other "mundane" things. We could meet somewhere central sometime if you want! 2 adults make taking care of the kids 10 times easier, I find. Plus they entertain each other.

It's interesting that a lot of people are starting to talk about community now. When I first came to Calgary I was dying for it, having just left a hippie commune in Australia. But it was during the boom and no one was interested. Now that there's a recession, people are starting to see the need for each other, and that's exciting for me!

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