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Friday, April 02, 2010

Water Birth

This post is purely to spite my husband. :P I told him I was going to write it, so here I am.
I am planning a water birth with this baby. I have borrowed a tub and set up my room to look like a birthing suite. The pool is on one side and the bed is on the other.
There is space for the midwives to work and we have set up a resuscitation station should anything go wrong (in or out of the water).
I am really excited about it. My last two births were incredibly fast and I felt completely out if control. I also experienced quite a bit of discomfort because when a woman goes through a fast labour she doesn't get the build up of hormones that one would get if their labours were a little slower.
Birthing in water may slow it down just a little and give me the pain relief that I am looking for.

Now for the spiting husband doesnt like the idea of a water birth because he thinks that we are not water mammals so why would we birth in the water. (regardless of the fact that the baby is made in the water).
He also thinks that it brings up too many variables that can not be controlled. (because you can control birth).
And he thinks that I just want to do it because it is popular. (which isnt necessarily wrong....I mean if loads of people are having water births and say how great they are why WOULDNT you give it a go?)

I just want to try, make this experience less chaotic and more calm. (and I only have a couple weeks to go...if that.)

For more information on Water Birth check out HERE.


Stinx' Mom said...

I hope you have a wonderful water birth! I wish I could have had one.. Do it for me ok?!

Kelly said...

Water birth is basically the most wonderful thing ever. It's great for relaxation, pain relief, and ease of delivery. Humans enjoy water for recreation, bathing, etc, why is it so weird to birth there? It makes sense to me. Plus, the water helps keep you centred and in tune with your body, which can actually give you more control over the whole thing.

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