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Friday, April 09, 2010

Frustration and Too Much Information.

My husband now works shift work, but the kind of shift work that takes him away for days on end....
I made the mistake of getting checked by my midwives at my last appointment, my husband is only home for 5 days and I wanted to see if I was at least starting labour. They checked me and the diagnosis was awesome. 3 cm dilated, fully effaced and engaged and a paper thin cervix. My midwife was convinced that it would be no more than 2 weeks. I was hopeful that it meant that my husband would not miss the birth.
So began a waiting game that is making me insane.
It's not like nothing is happening, I get contractions...every 7, 10, 5 or 2 mins apart, for days. I have other changes that I have noticed as well, I have a back ache, leg cramps, and am incredibly grumpy. (of course that could just be the fact that I have a cold at this time as well).
A couple nights ago I had contractions so strong that they caused me to have a cold sweat. Now, that is intense.
The issue I am having now is that he goes back in 3 days and we have to book the flight, I feel like I am on this horrible timeline and there is nothing I can do.
Now, dont get me wrong, I am a huge proponent of natural birth and do not want to force my body into doing anything that it isnt ready to do, but my biggest fear is that he will get on the plane and at that exact moment I go into labour.
It's just frustrating, that's all I am saying.
Come on Baby, gimme a sign.


Stinx' Mom said...

aw. I hope the little man comes soon.

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