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Friday, April 30, 2010

An Attempt to Move

When my oldest was just a wee one, before I learned of slings and things. My husband and I bought a house. The house was a 3 bedroom condo, about 1200 sq ft. in a very family oriented community. We thought that it would be a great house to raise a family. Now 5 years later and 2 more kids and a dog, it's a little cramped.
Now, I don't *need* a new house. I like the idea of keeping your foot print small, but and I don't know if this is the Jones in me talking, I just feel like it's too small. I like the layout upstairs, and the kitchen is not bad..but my living room and dining area make me insane. There is no real space for the boys to spread out and do their thing. So they end up ripping apart my living room to jump on, or bring all their toys onto the landing, which is another "bigger" space.
I really only want a unfinished or partially finished basement and some semblance to a backyard and I would be happy for a while (5 more years??)
I really want to be able to open the back door and allow the boys to play on the back deck while I put the baby to sleep. I can join them after the baby is sleeping.
Now, its hard for other children to nap, because we are so on top of each other.
I also think the dog needs her own space too, and I want the crate out of my living room.
The issue I am running into now is that I have to move this summer for everything to work out the way that we want it to.
That means, cleaning, de-cluttering and listing my house (and keeping it clean) while my husband is away for days on end and I have a new born...this is gonna be tough.
But worth it I hope.
Maybe I should just go on vacation....


Deb said...

The trick is to list your house and then go on vacation - immediately after.

That way, if you're lucky, it sells while you are on vacation and you don't have to deal with living in a show home.

Kelly said...

Back yards are basically the most awesome thing ever.

Also, I think Deb's idea is awesome!

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