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Monday, October 16, 2006

Urgent Care?!?!

I sat for 5 1/2 hours today at the South Community Health Centre,
Urgent care Clinic. I use the word "urgent" fasciciously.
I decided to go there as Chris came home and did an assessment on me
and said that he would have spine boarded me in a second. So I went to
get Xrays.
The Dr. said that I may have cracked a vertibrea, but
because it was so localized they couldnt do anything, anyways.
So just ice it, take advil and rest. Don't do anything strenuous (like
pick up and carry a 20lbs 17month old? ).
So I have made an appointment with Chris' paramedic instuctor who
happens to be a chiropractor. The dr did say that I couldnt see a
chiro or physio or massage for two weeks. I have to let it heal.
Well, I am happy that it's not super serious. 5.5 hrs is a long time
to be in a waiting room.
On another note, 3 children with seal barking coughs came in, if the "majority" of
kids are vaccinated why was it so prevalent today?


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