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Sunday, October 15, 2006


At around 10:30pm last night I fell down my stairs. I have no idea how I ended up doing it, as I was even wearing grippy socks. I was on the phone to Chris and he ironically was at work, and bam! down I went!
The edge of the stair hit the middle of my back hard enough that I actually winded myself. I thought I had really hurt myself, like hospital hurt. My sister was staying with me so she ran down the stairs to find me in the fetal position, not being able to talk.
She started talking to Chris who tried to get her to assess me while on the phone.
I was really happy that she was here, lucky. I was alos lucky that I can still move my legs, and did not paralize myself. What if I had, I wouldn't be the best mom I could be, but I would try.
I was really lucky that I had not fallen while holding Keenan. Super Lucky.
Hold on to your handrails.


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