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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Moms

I met a mom to be today, she was the hygenist cleaning my teeth, and we got to talking about parenting and different schools of thought. I told her that she should read Birthing From Within and that she should read at least the first couple chapters of the Baby Book by Dr.Sears before she has her baby. I told her that I am of the attachment parenting kind and I told her what types of things I do that places me into that category. Sometimes I feel like I should just keep my ideas to myself because I am afraid that I will sound preachy. Like I am an AP parent and you aren't. I feel like the way I parent is the RIGHT educated way, but then, I am sure that all parents feel like they are parenting the right way, even when they do Cry It Out. So what right do I have in placing my views on anyone else? And how do I let people know that there is another way of parenting out there without comming across as a know it all?


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