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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Extentions and Birthdays

Well I finally applied for my extention in my psych class. I was procrastinating applying for one because I was sure that I could finish it in the alloted time. And I am still sure that I could. It's the final exam that I am worried about. It is 65% of my final grade and all short answer. I am not really good at short answer and so far all the tests for this class have been open book. So I am really not prepared to write a exam in such a short time. I think I will finish this class by May.
Speaking of May, there is a certain special boy celebrating his first birthday on May 11th, and we are going to have one big party for him. I am not sure if I am going to order or bake a cake and I really have to get the house ready. Like finish unpacking already! I can't believe that Keenan is going to be one! It's so crazy! I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that our lives would be changed so much in just one year. We dont really need many toys for Keenan, well we dont really need anything for him.
Thats the problem with parties. People will think that I am only inviting them for the booty that they bring. But in actuality I dont care about getting gifts, I would rather not infact. Alot of friends bought us Christmas gifts this year when we were not in the financial situation to reciprocate. And it just makes me feel like a bad friend. So we really arnt wanting any house warming gifts or presents for mr.K and if people really want to then they could give us cash for Keenans RESP. Because tuition is supposed to be like $75,000 for a degree in 20yrs. AHHHHH


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