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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Spectacle

If Shoppers could have charged for the hilarity that was my life today at their store they would have made some serious cash.
I knew that I shouldn't have taken my brood out today. I could tell this morning when they were all acting out; yelling and screaming and fighting with each other. Of course I understand why they are hard to handle...we are in the middle of moving, we are living with my mom (the grandparents) for a month, they have no schedule, their dad is working so much, it's the summer...I could go on and on.
But just because I understand where the behaviour is coming from doesn't mean that I have to accept it or enjoy it.
So back to Shoppers. I had to get my mail changed over because we are no longer in the townhouse. Of course I had to take ALL 3 kids with me so it was fun for the whole family.
The cash line was going incredibly slow and I had the bigger two strapped into the stroller. The baby was sleeping peacefully in the wrap.
The two bigger boys started to hit each other enough that another mom stopped and asked them to stop fighting with each other. She tried to explain to my sons that they should be nice to each other and they responded by hitting and yelling louder.
I decided to pick up the middle child and hold his hand and leave the biggest one in the chariot with the brakes on. The middle screamed to be let go and the bigger one rocked the chariot trying to kick over the display. (and cue the baby in the wrap needing to feed.)
I just wanted to get out of there, as fast as I possibly could.
Finally at the point of meltdown I threw my kids into the stroller and attempted to leave...and then the peanut gallery really showed its face.
I squeezed my double chariot through the first set of doors and then tried to push it through the second....and got stuck.
Somehow the doors of Shoppers are big enough to accommodate a double Chariot to get in...but not out.
I felt like I was going to cry. I had 3 children melting and I was stuck in the vestibule of Shoppers with many many people watching...some laughing, some staring, and some shifting uncomfortably.
I ended up taking the kids out, taking the wheels off and SHOVING it out of the doors.


firststepnut said...

And nobody helped you?! That's horrible.
I was pushing a full cart through the stuperstore parking lot the other day (9 months pregnant) with stuff falling off the bottom and Nolan screaming cause he pinched his hand in the cart. And had a couple glare at me (or maybe I just interpreted it as that). So I glared back when I meant "What the *$&% are you looking at?!" It's like kids crying is messing with other people's peace. Screw them.

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