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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wanting a Break

I realized the other day that I have not been without my children for more than 48hrs, and even then it wasn't in a row. My girlfriends have been getting together more recently, and I would really like to join them, but I feel like I should stay home, get organized, spend time with the husband and the children all before our lives take a huge turn to the right....
I would love to get a break however. A mom's retreat. Somewhere where I can read a book without any distractions, revitalize. Get a spa treatment. A hair cut. A Latte. Just have some more time to myself before I give birth and this little one inside becomes all encompassing.
I know that in two years from now, I will not have left any of them for long periods of time as a baby really keeps me housebound. (I am not complaining, I do not feel comfortable leaving a newborn - two year old.)
My youngest son is weaned. He sleeps in his own bed (most of the time), sleeps through the night (some of the time) and is pretty independent. My older son is completely emotionally ready to be left with dad for 2 days....
I just need to figure out when, where and how.


Kelly said...

Do it! Do it quickly!

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