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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just Gross.

I just had a quick story to share with all of you at the lowest point of this pregnancy and morning sickness..... So my elder son (4) went up the stairs to go pee. I heard flushing of the toilet, once and then twice. I then get a call, "Mom!!!! MOOOOOOOMMMMM!!! Ryan flushed my ambulance bed in the toilet!!" Ryan is 2 and has shown a keen interest in potty learning. I RUN up the stairs...light headed from the run I ask keenan, "What???? what happend??" Keenan replies, "Ryan flushed my ambulance bed down the toilet" he starts crying, "I want it back....wail." I look at ryan. Who has the same smirk that belongs to my husband and my brothers when something is wrong....I ask him, "Ry, did you flush a toy down the toilet?" He nods. I sigh. I look at the toilet. It's filled with pee. (at least its in the toilet and not on the floor). I look around the toilet and surrounding area for a little ambulance strecher that is no bigger than a fork and no wider than a credit such luck..... I curse to myself (in my head) and yell at my children to give me some room. I thrust my hand into the pee water to feel if there is a toy wedged in the elbow of the toilet...there is. I cry to myself, and try to un-wedge it, thanking god for small bones. I wriggle it, gagging on the pee smell, and finally get it free...sludge comes to the surface with it....(today is bathroom day incidentally). As I try not to gag, I take the toy to the sink, flush the toilet, and wash my hands....and keenan's hands, and ryan's hands....and then put a new rule in effect... The door to the bathroom is to stay shut at ALL times.


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