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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Fashion Dilemma.

Before I had children I considered myself quite "trendy" and "well put together". It's no secret that I have much of a clothing addiction, but I am finding myself quite literally drowning in clothes. Also, finding myself pregnant again, the 3rd time in 6 years I have this issue with maternity clothes as well.
I am not too sure what I should really do.
I have all of these beautiful dresses and skirts that I used to wear before I had my children and have not worn alot of these for many years, and while some would say to give them away, or sell them, but I really love them and they cost money.
While I know this is partly because I have a bit of a hording problem, but I think its more of a want to go back to that time...a time when I could wear anything beautiful without worrying about baby spit up, poop, or food being thrown at me, or having my clothes used as a napkin or tissue.
I think with kids you just cant wear the nice clothes, especially if you are a SAHM, (stay at home mom). You can't go to a park with a skirt and nice heels.
I think I am whining now, I know the answer is to get rid of the clothes...I just dont want to give them up.


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