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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sleep...or Lack Thereof

I seem to be in a sort of time warp when it comes to sleep and my children. Here I am at 11:02pm and my children are finally asleep.
Usually this wouldn't bother me, but lately it is. A lot.
The thing is that I really really need to study. I have a couple classes that are winding down in the next month and I really have to spend some time to finish them, and if my kids are not sleeping until 11pm then when am I supposed to do this work?
What ends up happening is that as soon as they are both sleeping I spend an hour "de-stressing" from the day....either cleaning a little, eating, going on the computer etc. Maybe doing some actual work...and then I start studying and then I go to bed at 1 or 2am. This would be okay if I wasn't woken up at 7am.
I feel like a zombie. I dont feel like I am actually doing well in my classes if I cant do any work at a reasonable hour.
I could just shut the door at 7pm and listen to them scream, but I dont because I have made this commitment to myself and to them that I will be there for them when they need me, especially in the arena of sleep, but boy is it tempting.
I have so much stuff to do in the evening and can never do it.
I guess what I really have to do is bite the bullet and wake up earlier and then wake them up earlier, and perhaps skip the nap until they are on a good schedule.
I would love it if they could both be asleep by 8pm.
Then maybe I could get to sleep myself at a decent hour.


Kelly said...

My kids are the same. Well, at least Judith. Gideon goes to bed just fine at 8 or 9, and if I don't put him to bed "in time", he will just go and put himself to sleep on the floor beside his bed (it has only happened a couple times, but I feel so terrible when it does!). But Judith WILL NOT go to bed until I do. And she seems to "know" when I lie down with her with the intention of getting back up after she falls asleep, and she just won't sleep which is so frustrating. So she normally goes to bed between 10 and 12, whenever I do. My evenings/nights are SO busy too. We are usually out all day, so the evening is when I get stuff done at home, or do my SA work. I have tried getting her up early (Gideon is usually up between 6 and 7), but it doesn't make a difference. I have tried reinstating her naps (she doesn't nap these days unless we do something super intense in the morning like swimming), but it doesn't seem to matter either. She seems happy during the day, and not whiny or over-tired, so I've just kind of given up and accepted it. It's hard because it means I don't get a kid-free moment all day, but there are worse things that could happen. I don't talk about it much because everyone has their own idea of what kids' sleep should be like, and I'm tired of trying to meet the expectations. But I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with a kid that goes to bed late, especially knowing that you are a wonderful mama.

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