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Monday, September 04, 2006

Stop the insanity!!!

Sometimes I wonder. What are people thinking. Well as you can tell from the subject on my blog, it is really just me surfing the web finding articles that piss me off and then sharing them with all of you.
As a fan of Shalom in the Home on TLC I was suprised when I read the following article, where Rabbi Schmuli has issues with people breastfeeding to *GASP* 11 months old, whereas the womans breasts are "de-eroticized" and marrigaes suffer for it.
His solution, cover up. Even at home. Where do we live? Canada, America? And we liberated women can not even feed our children from our breasts because our hubby's will be less likely to have a stiffy?
Give me a break! A man should be so lucky to have a wife that cares about his child so much that she sacrifices her time and body for the betterment of her child.
Oh and men, while we are at it, make sure that you are present at the birth of your child, just don't look down. Because as you know the vagina was created soley for your pleasure and seeing your child emerge from there won't make you want to have sex with your wife.
Better yet, convince her to have a c-section!! Yea that's it, an elective c-section will make sure that she has trouble producing milk, so you can bottle feed and don't have to share *your* breasts with your child, and the baby doesn't even come through the vagina, so you won't EVER have to worry about throwing the proverbial hotdog down that hallway!
Thank you Rabbi Shumuli! I am so happy to finally understand what my purpose in life is, to be my husbands sexual plaything no better than an oversized eroticized blow up doll.


Passionate Apathetic said...

Ahmen Sister!
(Just kidding honey - I still like your special parts...)

Morgan said...

Rabbi Shmuley has just proved that his a sexist, uneducated moron. Is he kidding? Does he actually believe that men aren't able to GET OVER THEMSELVES enough to seperate "feeding breasts" from "sexual breasts" or "my sex hole" from "beautiful mircale of childbirth"?

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that a healthy marriage is just as important as the parent/child/feeding/sleeping relationship. If a couple has absolutely no intimacy and a breast feeding or co-sleeping relationship is the apparent cause, the parent-child relationship may need to be looked at. But to suggest that men not look at their CHILDREN BEING BORN because it may alter their thoughts of their precious vagina is just plain ridiculous.

But you know what really pisses me off the most? The suggestion that "a woman should just cover up, even in her own home". I don't like how this statement removes all resposibility from the man - you know, the one with all the organ identification problems. If a man is afraid of losing touch with "his boobies" while his wife is breastfeeding he is welcome to look away. Why should the experience be ruined for the mother and child?

Man that Rabbi really pissed me off this morning!

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