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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If I were a cat...

I would have one less life!!
Okay I just had to post this, so typically me!!
Chris is on tour right now so I am home sans DH, so I tend to get a little freaked out easier. All yesterday I thought I could smell plastic burning. So I unplugged everything and spent an hour in my kitchen "sniffing" around. (Keenan thought this was hilarious btw)
I couldn't seem to find the source so I just forgot about it. But before I went to be I double checked to make sure everything was unplugged and turned off.
Around 8 this morning, I roused and thought I could smell smoke, but I assured myself that everything was off and unplugged and really, if there was a fire I have smoke detectors, so I feel back to sleep.
I woke up around 10:30 to a roaring noise. Was it a plane? No. Sounds like water, high pressure water on the side of the house. What was it?
OMG it's high pressure water...firehoses?? OMG there must be a fire in one of the units, and we must have slept through the alarms, or the door bell, and no one knows we are in here!!
So I rushed to the window threw open the shutters, expecting firetrucks and engines and...
suprised two window washers, not expecting to see a woman throw open her window in her underware!!


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