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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Back From Texas

So I am back, finally. Have been back for a couple days, but was trying to get back in the groove. Keenan was sick on the flight there and back (with a temp.) but he seems fine now. He just isnt eating soild foods, but that should remedy itself sooner than later. Really enjoyed San Antonio, if it wasnt the states I would move there. They have this beautiful canal system, just like Venice, where you walk around downtown next to the river. You can also take a boat taxi ride to anywhere on the river (the mall, resturants etc.) We wanted to do more sightseeing than we did but the weather was not cooperating. It was about -10, I know, alot warmer than here, so I am not complaining. We saw the Alamo, and some museums an old mill and a mexican market. When we came back we were delayed 8hrs because of the fog in Dallas, but we did get first class because of it. So in all it was a good trip.


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