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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Going To Texas

So my dad suprised me and bought me a ticket to go to Texas on vacation with them. I am a little aprehensive as I have never been to the states and this will be my first time flying with an infant. I am not sure if I should bring his car seat or not. I am excited though and it should prove to be alot of fun. The flight is the only thing I am worried about.
I am not sure what I am going to do with Keenan for 4 hrs and no in flight movie. I guess I should bring alot of stuff for him to do. I wish that he would just sleep and maybe I could read.
They say that public breastfeeding is not a big thing in Texas so my parents say that I have to cover uo. Are they THAT conservative? The good thing is that Keenan rarely breastfeeds during the day so it probably wont be that big of an issue.
Well, I shall keep you posted on what happens there, boy will I ever miss my email! I am totally addicted to it!


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